How Should I Organize My Desk?

How Should I Organize My Desk

Your office desk reflects your personality. Some desks are orderly, while others are highly personalized. Perhaps your coworker keeps their desk cluttered, and you may wonder how they get any work done. Is there a way to balance your flare with workflow? Continue reading to find out the benefits of maintaining an organized desk. Why […]

How Often Should You Have Your Office’s Carpets Cleaned?

How Often Should You Have Your Office’s Carpets Cleaned

Every office wants to project a welcoming image, and appearances go a long way. When your office’s carpets look clean, clients are more likely to have a positive first impression of your business. Find out how often you should clean your office’s carpets. Why Does Having a Clean Carpet Matter? Stained, dirty carpeting can negatively […]

When To Wash Your Windows

When To Wash Your Windows

If your office’s windows are covered in fingerprints and debris, then it’s time to clean them. Nothing is more unappealing to your clients than dirty windows, and you don’t want them to be distracted by grimy glass when you’re talking about important matters. Worst of all, no one will want to do business with you […]

How To Clean A Drinking Fountain

How To Clean A Drinking Fountain?

If your office boasts a drinking fountain, you’re doing everything right. Drinking fountains go a long way with your employees and clients who visit your office, especially after those long meetings. People are happier and more productive if they remain hydrated, so having a drinking fountain in the office pushes your employees to work harder. […]

Organizing Your Office

Organizing Your Office

A disorganized office results in an unproductive office. To keep your employees sane and productive, make sure that your office is never a cluttered mess. Wiping your office desks once a month doesn’t count as cleaning, either. Offices must be swept, trash bags should be replaced, and refrigerators are to be cleaned—all on a weekly […]

How To Clean Green: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

How To Clean Green: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips?

Going green is the latest craze, and it’s the best fad you will hear of or partake in. There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about people and companies trying their best to go green, as more and more people are becoming environmentally conscientious. The phrase “going green” means to pursue knowledge and practices that can […]

What a Dirty Office Does to Your Company’s Morale

What A Dirty Office Does To Your Company’s Morale?

If your office is becoming dirty, your employees will be the first people to notice. Employees will also be the ones affected by squalor the most. Your staff puts in hours of hard work, and the least you can do for them is to provide them with a habitable environment. Team members who are feeling […]

How To Keep Your Keyboard Clean

How To Keep Your Keyboard Clean

You love your employees, but there’s no getting around the fact that sometimes they can be a messy bunch. Every time you catch one of your employees eating at their desk, you grow more and more worried. It’s not like you want your staff to go hungry, but you wish they’d take better care of […]

Green Cleaning Tip: Stop Using Bleach, It’s Dangerous!

Green Cleaning Tip: Stop Using Bleach, It’s Dangerous!

Green cleaning is at the front of most business owners’ and managers’ minds today. Adopting a more environmentally friendly approach is great for our planet, but it also creates a safer, more comfortable workplace for your staff. Most people grew up believing that bleach was the universal solution for sanitizing, killing germs and bacteria and […]

Office Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction versus Steam

Office Carpet Cleaning

Office carpet cleaning is important — you want your business to look sharp and professional, and dirty floors say a lot about your company’s character. Embedded dirt and grime also degrade the indoor air quality, potentially causing allergies and breathing problems for you and your employees. Regular cleaning will also extend the life of your […]