Organizing Your Office

A disorganized office results in an unproductive office. To keep your employees sane and productive, make sure that your office is never a cluttered mess. Wiping your office desks once a month doesn’t count as cleaning, either. Offices must be swept, trash bags should be replaced, and refrigerators are to be cleaned—all on a weekly basis. Not only is a dirty office off-putting to both your employees and clients, but it can seriously affect your business’s bottom line. 

Organizing your office doesn’t have to take days or weeks, and it can be done in a few hours. If you break down office cleaning into parts and treat it as an on-going project, it won’t feel like a burden. Here are some office organization tips that your office will benefit from.

Purging Your Office

Take a good look at each cubicle or room in your office. What hasn’t been used in a while? Are last year’s Christmas decorations still up? It’s time to shred dated documents and remove the dust from your plants. 

Establish Different Zones

Split your office into different zones. Your employees most likely have a primary work area (their desk), a reference area (filing cabinets and shelves), and a supply area (closets or a separate room). Instead of hoarding brooms, vacuums, and binders full of important documents into your space, place these items and all other equipment in their designated areas. 

Sort Through Emails

Although your email inbox isn’t something you can physically clean, filtering through your email is just as important as cleaning your physical space. Letting your inbox surpass over 1,000 emails brings about unnecessary stress that could easily be prevented by checking your email daily. If you keep up to date with your emails, then you’ll have the energy to clean up your office space. On the other hand, if your email inbox is overflowing, then you’ll end up telling yourself that you’re too busy to clean your office because you need to reply to emails.  

Reinvent Your Desk

Customizing your office desk to make it feel like you brought a piece of home with you isn’t an issue. However, if your desk is being taken over by old cups of yogurt—it’s time for an intervention. Bringing in a few pictures of your loved ones and other small items that make you happy is a great way to personalize your desk, but don’t go overboard. Don’t make your desk an area that you can’t work in by cluttering it up. 

There’s a decluttering formula that people who take cleaning seriously live by. This formula is called RFASR. Although it’s not the catchiest acronym, it is effective in helping people reconsider their relationship to material items. RFASR stands for:

Recency: When was the last time you used this item?

Frequency: How often do you use that item?

Acquisition Cost: How difficult or expensive is it to get this item?

Storage Cost: How much space and maintenance cost is this item tied to?

Retrieve Cost: What costs are associated with retrieving this item, or it becoming outdated? 

Cleaning your office every week will save you more time in the long run, but this responsibility shouldn’t interfere with business hours. You’re better off hiring a professional cleaning company. Town & Country Office Cleaning offers a full range of janitorial services for offices. Contact us today. 

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