What a Dirty Office Does to Your Company’s Morale

If your office is becoming dirty, your employees will be the first people to notice. Employees will also be the ones affected by squalor the most. Your staff puts in hours of hard work, and the least you can do for them is to provide them with a habitable environment. Team members who are feeling uncomfortable might be too nice to speak up about filth that’s squandering their creativity. After all, your staff spends 1/3 of their valuable time at your office for most of the week. Nobody wants to work in an office where trash bins are overflowing, the fridge is stocked up with expired food that’s weeks old, and where there are spiderwebs in every corner. 

Moreover, it’s not just your employees who will notice it—any potential business partners will be put off by the environment you’ve created in your office. Good leadership includes making sure that your building is a presentable space. A dirty office is nothing to brag about, and it will have some adverse mental and physical effects on your employees. 

More Sick Days

Sick days can cost big businesses up to $225 billion each year and results in a 54% loss of productivity. The overall health of your employees is one of your main priorities, and it’s fine if they request sick days every so often. However, if your office is responsible for making your employees sick to the point where they need weeks off of work, then your company will start to feel the effects. Maintain your environment healthy by keeping office desks in top shape. Make sure your cleaning team is disinfecting every surface, washing floors, vacuuming carpets, and sanitizing the restrooms to minimize the spread of germs. Reward your employees with hand sanitizer wall dispensers. 

Slacking Off

A dirty environment will be wreaking havoc on your employees, and they may not even realize it. Lingering dust and germs will affect your staff’s breathing, energy levels, skin texture, and it could also lead to severe headaches. Even if your esteemed employees aren’t visibly sick, they will still be feeling a lack of motivation and initiative due to unsuspecting causes. Improve your company’s bottom line by having healthy employees who are both physically and mentally present. 

A Tarnished Reputation 

You’ve worked far too hard on your business to be known as that one grimy office that doesn’t clean their tabletops and works in perpetual filth. All of the projects you and your team have worked on will be quickly forgotten about if your office doesn’t reflect the quality of the work you produce. Remember, it isn’t just your employees who interact with your office—it’s also visitors, business partners, clients, and prospective employees. Word spreads just as fast as germs, so make sure you have the proper cleaning strategies put into place. This includes cleaning the front desk area, the back of your office, the conference room, the kitchen, and the restrooms. 

Workplace cleanliness goes deeper than just aesthetics. A clean workplace leads to fewer sick days being requested, heightened employee productivity, and a higher income for your company. Don’t be that one office that other offices laugh at because of your accumulated filth. Contact Town & Country Office Cleaning today. Our team will take care of your office from top to bottom. 

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