How To Keep Your Keyboard Clean

You love your employees, but there’s no getting around the fact that sometimes they can be a messy bunch. Every time you catch one of your employees eating at their desk, you grow more and more worried. It’s not like you want your staff to go hungry, but you wish they’d take better care of their office space. One of the most offensive eating habits you catch your employees engaging in is when they eat snacks right on top of their keyboards. All those crumbs hiding under your staff’s keyboard keys will have you spending more money when you eventually have to replace every keyboard. 

Although you may not be ready for spring cleaning, your office’s keyboards certainly are. Are the keyboard’s keys glossy from greasy fingers? Are there visible specks of food clouding the letters on your keyboards? Don’t forget about those ants that are starting to gather at every desk, just waiting on your staff to drop crumbs. Stop settling for keyboards that are collecting crumbs, dust, and grease.

Don’t Get Your Keyboard Dirty

Let’s face it—you don’t have the heart to be mean to your staff, but you need to occasionally remind them that their office space isn’t a kitchen. Allowing staff to eat at their desk is fine, but gently let them know to not recklessly eat over their work computers. Bring in a pack of napkins to the office that your employees can use to wipe their hands clean. Don’t allow staff to place beverages too close to their computers; the last thing you want for your office are keyboards that are soaked in spilled water. Ensure that your employees close their laptops at the end of the workday so that dust doesn’t have a chance of gathering on keyboards. 

Tap Crumbs Away

Of course, you can’t micromanage every single employee in the office. There will be some free-spirited staff members who don’t adhere to your warnings about eating food over their keyboards. It’s unfortunate really, but don’t worry, there’s still a chance of getting rid of those pesky keyboard crumbs. Remove crumbs and other debris by gently turning laptops over and lightly tapping them. Avoid aggressively shaking laptops, as this will damage your computer’s hardware. Stand-alone keyboards are more durable, but this doesn’t give you a free pass to shake keyboards all willy-nilly. If you’re afraid of ruining your office’s computers, use the adhesive end of a sticky note on hard-to-remove specks. 

Keyboard Cleaning Don’ts 

There are several ways to mess up your office’s keyboards, so make sure to not do any of the following:

  • Don’t attempt to remove your keyboard’s keys to wash them by hand. 
  • Don’t put your stand-alone keyboards into the dishwasher. Believe it or not, some technicians swear by this method. Talk about giving your keyboards a short lifespan!
  • Don’t clean your keyboards by using kitchen sponges or sprays. Your employees won’t be too happy having to memorize every letter on their keyboard once sprays wipe the letters away. 

In an ideal world, your employees would never eat over their keyboards. Since crumbs are inevitable in an office space, it’s essential for you to occasionally look over the office’s hardware. Maintaining clean keyboards is only part of the equation—how is your office looking these days? It’s impossible for you to clean every nook and cranny of your office, so it’s best to hire a commercial cleaning service.

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