Why Try a Commercial Cleaning Service?

If you are a business owner, you could benefit from a commercial cleaning service. 

A lot goes into keeping a commercial space clean, which can be very different from the residential cleaning you do at home. You may already have a system in place to take care of the majority of day-to-day disarray, but how often is the professional space thoroughly cleaned? 

Office cleaning can be time-consuming, and it’s easy to overlook the more mundane tasks that may not need to be addressed as often, such as carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, no magic cleaning fairy comes at night to tidy up when the office is empty — unless you count an amazing commercial cleaning service! 

Here are four reasons why you should consider trying a commercial cleaning service for your business or office space.

Save Time

As a business owner, you face many demands on your time and concerns while you keep everything running smoothly. For example, while you probably value a clean and organized work environment, finding the time it takes to scrub and scour the space and make it shine is challenging. This can be true whether your commercial space features large, spacious rooms, a series of smaller offices, or a combination of both. 

This is where a regularly scheduled cleaning service can help. Choose from standard frequency times — weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. — and can customize the cleaning services to fit the needs of your commercial space. Then, with each visit, you can anticipate exactly what services will be provided and feel confident that your business looks its best.

Hiring a professional cleaning company can take the stress out of trying to stay on top of office cleaning and leave you with more time to tackle other important tasks on your to-do list. With the help of a professional cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about the amount of dust that is collecting in office corners or if the furniture is clean enough to use with safety. 

Save Money

Commercial cleaning services may sound expensive, but in reality, you could actually save money by hiring a professional office cleaning company. Of course, some expenses are associated with having a regular cleaning service that takes care of your business space. However, trusting professionals to correctly perform the right cleaning services can help make your space look nicer. 

One example is cleaning office chairs. Whether the chairs are located in a waiting room, conference room, or at desks throughout the office, they are going to get dirty. But how often do you think about cleaning them? Hopefully, if something spills, it is cleaned up quickly, but other than that, the chairs might get little attention for who knows how long. 

Certified cleaning professionals have the knowledge and experience to know how to clean upholstery properly. This will not only make the chairs look nicer, but can also make them last longer without being damaged or worn out. These cleaning companies also have the proper equipment for specific jobs. So instead of purchasing your own professional-grade steam cleaner or other tools, you can spend the money on someone else taking care of the job the right way. 

The same goes for many other areas of your office, especially flooring. Replacing flooring materials can be extremely expensive and disrupt the office environment a lot more than regular cleaning. So while you might not enjoy adding a cleaning service to your business expenses, it can actually be a more economical decision in the long run. 


One of the most important reasons to try a commercial cleaning service is the improved safety of employees, clients, and customers. Having a properly cleaned office space can reduce the number of germs and illnesses that are spread and eliminate harmful allergens.

Even if an office space is well-ventilated, it is natural for dust to collect over time, which can aggravate allergies for people close to it. In addition, many allergens are tracked into a business on people’s shoes or clothes and remain in the commercial space after they have left. Therefore, regular dusting and cleaning can eliminate many allergens and lead to fewer sneezes and sniffles for employees and customers. 

We mentioned how cleaning services could save you money by supplying the right equipment. Still, it is safer to rely on professionals to use heavy-duty equipment you may not be familiar with. 

Similarly, commercial cleaning professionals have access to and knowledge of the best products and cleaning solutions for each specific job. Mixing certain chemicals in popular cleaning products can actually be dangerous, especially professional-grade solutions, so it is best to leave this to cleaning experts. 


When it comes to keeping any area clean, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Too often, the majority of cleaning tasks can be dismissed or put off over and over again until the mess gets entirely out of hand. Then, it takes a lot more time and effort to clean everything up than it would to maintain cleanliness by doing daily cleaning tasks. 

Whether you contract with a cleaning company to come every week, every month, or every time a bell rings, the consistent services provided will help the office stay tidy and organized between each cleaning. Instead of disinfecting surfaces or vacuuming the carpet once in a blue moon, you can trust that your commercial space stays spick and span consistently, making the best impression when clients come in.

Town & Country

The commercial cleaning experts at Town & Country Office Cleaning have been providing consistent, comprehensive cleaning services to businesses in Salt Lake City for over 40 years. With licensed professionals, quality equipment, eco-safe products, and tried-and-true cleaning regimens, Town & Country is sure to deliver the best experience for your business. 

Contact us today to discover the difference Town & Country Office Cleaning can make in your business or office space! We offer a variety of services and will work with you to find the best fit for your budget and business needs.

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