4 Things You Can Do On a Daily Basis to Keep Your Office Clean

We all like to work in a clean and organized environment, but like many of us, you may not like the work it takes to keep your office clean. This is especially true if the mess gets a bit out of control and takes a lot of time and effort to clean up. 

An office may not require the same level of attention and effort to keep clean as a house, but that doesn’t mean office spaces don’t get messy in a lot of the same ways as our homes. Sharing space with others also means sharing some level of mess, so it’s always a good idea to maintain some level of cleanliness so the office can be as comfortable and productive as possible. 

One of the best ways to stay on top of cleaning your office is to have a simple checklist of tasks that help maintain cleanliness daily. And since lots of hands make light work, these tasks become even easier when shared with a team.

We’ve compiled a list of four daily tasks to help you keep your office clean. Each task can be applied differently in different spaces, so we have also broken down those tasks by the area of focus. 

1. Garbages/Bins

Trash collects faster than you expect. While some bins, like those used for recycling, may not require you to take them out every day, any garbage bin that contains food or organic items can quickly become stinky and a larger mess the longer it just sits waiting to be taken out. 

In Communal Areas, like reception areas or waiting rooms, you want to present the best image of your office. These communal areas are usually high-traffic areas, so emptying garbage bins daily can not only make them appear cleaner and tidier but also make them more hygienic and safer for the entire office. 

All of the garbages in Workspaces may not require emptying daily, but could be compiled together into a larger bin to be emptied.

Breakroom garbages are often collection points for leftover food or waste that can get quite smelly. These garbages should be taken out daily. 

The garbages in Restrooms should also be emptied daily for hygienic purposes. 

In all cases, liners of the garbage bins should be replaced with new ones every time they are emptied to make the job easier the next time they need to be emptied.

2. Floors

Just like trash, dust and other grime can accumulate on the floor pretty quickly. But you can combat that by taking a few minutes each day to vacuum carpeted areas and sweep or mop hard surfaces. 

The floors of Communal Areas may become dirtier more quickly than the rest of the office because more people are usually walking around in those areas and tracking in dirt from outside of the building. This may result in the need for a couple more passes over these floors.

Individual areas like Workspaces may not receive as much foot traffic but should still be cleaned regularly. A space that is easily overlooked when it comes to vacuuming and sweeping or mopping is underneath desks. Moving chairs and maneuvering under desks can be a bit tricky, but still faster and easier to do if you tend to the floors daily.

If the Breakroom includes a kitchen or drink area, make sure to mop up any spills and sweep or vacuum crumbs that have been left behind. 

Most Restrooms could use a good sweep every day, even if the tiles don’t need daily mopping. However, water can drip from the counters near sinks or from leaking pipes of the toilets, and those messes should always be mopped up as quickly as possible to prevent falls or other issues. 

3. Surfaces

 Investing in an all-purpose cleaning product or gentle disinfectant can be helpful in keeping the surfaces of your office clean. Although, more specialized products may be needed in specific areas.

Communal Areas can have many surfaces, from countertops to the arms of chairs, and most of them should be wiped down with some sort of cleaner or disinfectant each day. You may also need a soft cloth and glass cleaner if there are glass surfaces such as coffee tables, windows, or protective glass panes separating visitors from those working in the office.

The surfaces of Workspaces that need to be cleaned usually include desks, keyboards, and tables. It could also be a good idea to wipe down door handles and light switches. 

It might take a bit more time and energy to clean the surfaces in a Breakroom, depending on the size and function of the breakroom. Areas where food is prepared should be cleaned before and after use, as well as tables where food is eaten. Sometimes stainless steel appliances also require a separate cleaner. 

There are many different surfaces inside Restrooms that need to be cleaned daily. Use a disinfectant on all door handles, counters, dispensers, or any other surfaces that are frequently touched. Mirrors and glass should also be wiped down. And, of course, toilets and urinals should be cleaned regularly.

4. Organize and Restock

It’s always a bit irritating when you go to get something you need and, low and behold, that thing is not there. This could possibly be because it was borrowed and not returned or maybe you just ran out of that particular item. Whatever the reason, you can avoid frustration in your office if you organize the space and restock items daily.

Communal Areas are often used for multiple purposes, so there may be a myriad of different items to organize and restock for this space. It’s a good idea to tidy up reading materials like pamphlets or magazines, return furniture to the correct arrangement, and restock office supplies.

Workspaces and usually individual, and each person has their own way of organizing their belongings, so this can be a difficult task for one person to do for the entire office. But if each person takes a few minutes to put things where they belong and replenish the items they use most, this process becomes quick and simple.

Breakrooms also house a variety of items; some are personal, and some are provided by the office managers. A good way to help a breakroom stay organized is to use a label maker and clearly display a label so the entire office knows where everything should be stored. This helps when people are looking to restock various items or clean up the area at the end of their breaks. 

Restrooms usually stay organized on their own, but they have a lot of items that need to be regularly restocked to not only keep the space clean and organized but also to ensure the health and hygiene of those who use the restroom. 

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