Why a Clean Office is More Efficient

As a business owner, the tidiness of your workspace probably isn’t the first thing to consider when you enter the office. However, maintaining a clean and healthy workspace is a significant cornerstone when it comes to running a successful company. Sadly, many business owners only pay attention to their office’s atmosphere when their carpet is stained, and the refrigerator is packed with weeks’ worth of expired food. 

Keep reading to learn why it’s crucial to maintain a spotless workspace. 

Maintaining a Sanitary Office Goes a Long Way

In the realm of business, appearance plays a big role in how you’re perceived. However, appearance isn’t strictly limited to how your employees dress, and it extends into how well-maintained your space is. It’s easy to leave office cleaning at the end of your to-do list, particularly if you have more pressing projects to handle. On the other hand, having an untidy space may reflect poorly on your company’s image and can have adverse mental and physical consequences for your employees. 

Here’s why an organized workspace equates to productive employees.

First Impressions Are Everything

A clean and organized office looks appealing and welcoming to new, potential clients. It instills confidence and builds trust from the onset because clients will know your employees are efficient and pay attention to details. On the other hand, windows covered in fingerprints and overflowing trashcans might give potential clients the impression that you lack the skills to take care of your team, and they may be put off from doing business with you. 

Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

Most of your employees consider the office their second home, so you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of keeping it habitable. When you clean your office daily, your team will be more efficient and, most importantly, happy. Remember, your employees spend at least eight hours a day at work, and the last thing you want is for them to feel like those eight hours is a drag. 

In a study conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers directed 103 participants to sit in either a clean or a cluttered room. The researchers tasked the participants with building an unsolvable geometry puzzle. As it turns out, those who sat in a tidy room dedicated approximately 1,117 seconds to the task, whereas the other test group in the dirty room spent less than 669 seconds. 

What does this experiment prove? It shows problem-solving is easier when you’re in a clean atmosphere. Conversely, you have a shorter attention span when you’re in a cluttered room because a messy environment can threaten your sense of control. 

Town & Country Office Cleaning Can Help

It’s no secret that having a presentable office can indicate your business is reputable. At Town & Country Office Cleaning, we understand managing a commercial space is no easy task, but when you work with us, you can stop worrying about making the perfect first impression. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and have the equipment for a comprehensive cleaning service regimen. We service Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Get a quick quote from us today.

Contact Town & Country Office Cleaning

Managing an office is no easy task, and you deserve a top-quality commercial cleaning service. The professionals at Town & Country thorough and efficient, and we proudly embrace the green movement in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Like our cleaning crews, each of our products is of the highest caliber, and we offer eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions. Keeping our customers healthy means a job well done. For all your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs, only the best will do — Town & Country. Contact us today to learn more.

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