What To Do Between Carpet Cleanings To Keep Your Carpets In Good Shape

Professional carpet cleaning is an investment, so how can you maximize your investment by keeping your carpets in good shape between cleanings? Carpets can take a beating, but you can’t get them professionally cleaned every week. Good carpet cleaning habits can help you maximize the professional cleaning you can afford to keep your carpet beautiful and long lasting.

Our experts know what it takes to keep carpets clean and prevent stains and damage. Today we’re sharing some tips for prolonging the life and comfort level of your carpet between your professional carpet cleanings.

How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleanings?

Let’s first start with how often you should get your carpets cleaned. There’s no general rule of thumb for carpet cleaning frequency because it all depends on your lifestyle and the type of carpet. There are a few factors which can indicate a need for higher frequency cleanings such as:

  1. Pets
  2. Children
  3. Allowing shoes
  4. Light-colored carpet
  5. More individuals in the home
  6. Low-pile carpet
  7. Carpet in high-traffic areas
  8. Quality & speed of spot treatments

The more items on that list you can check, the more frequently you should have your carpets cleaned. A two person household who removes their shoes and has no pets might only need a professional carpet cleaning every other year, but a large family with lots of carpet and pets might need carpet cleanings twice a year—or even quarterly!

Between Carpet Cleanings

What can you do to preserve that just-cleaned carpet look? Not only does it look better, but it’s healthier (preventing toxins and allergens that damage air quality) and helps your carpet last a lot longer.

Vacuum Regularly: it’s recommended that you vacuum once per heartbeat per week. This means that every week you should vacuum once for every living thing—adults, kids, and animals.

Vacuum Correctly: many homeowners turn their vacuum to full power, full suction, and go as fast as they can. In reality, proper vacuuming means the rollers agitate the carpet fibers and there is enough suction to pull up loose debris but not pull on the yarns or only suck air. Vacuuming should be careful and methodical if you want to preserve the cleanliness of the carpets.

Spot Clean Immediately: whether your spots are red wine, muddy shoes, or animal accidents it is important to spot clean them immediately and carefully. Remove excess liquid or debris from the spot and then blot with a rag or paper towel. Water can loosen stains and dried elements. Use a spot cleaner or shampoo on the area to clean anything remaining. If you have kids or pets it may be worth it to invest in a small spot cleaning machine.

Mats & Shoes Off: instituting a no-shoes policy for your home can protect your carpet. Put mats at each entry point in the home to clean off and remove shoes.

Clean Carpets Right

Keeping your carpets clean is a worthy effort that will pay off in the long run. We want to help you enjoy your carpet for years to come. Contact Town & Country Cleaners for more tips or quotes for cleaning your space.

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