Top Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Your business keeps you busy. High among the list of things you don’t have time for office cleaning. These easy cleaning tips are sure to give you back at least a little time in your schedule every week!

Top Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Professional Cleaning Tips for Your Office Equipment

Among the best cleaning tips and tricks were ideal for keeping office equipment clean and in top working order. Spray canned air on keyboards, telephones, and any equipment control panels with buttons, to dislodge any particles. Use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber or other lint-free substance, and an anti-static type cleaner to gently wipe off all plastic surfaces of office equipment. Finally, clean monitors and display pads using distilled water on a chamois or microfiber cloth.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Care Tips

Office carpet takes a beating, but you can help extend its life and keep it looking sharp using these quick tips. Even if you have daily janitorial service, someone is bound to send the contents of the 3-hole punch raining down on the copy room floor like a ticker-tape parade. Keep a little rolling push sweeper in the office, to make quick work of the confetti. Spray anti-static spray (like Static Guard, or make your own in a spray bottle using 2 tablespoons liquid fabric softener to 1 cup of distilled water) on office carpets every few days (daily during the winter and other particularly dry weather). This will help the sweeper or vacuum do its job, cut down on static electricity shocks, and even extend the life of the commercial carpet.

Office Kitchen Cleaning Tricks

Now for the room that probably needs the most help. Any commercial office cleaning company will tell you that the office kitchen is the biggest challenge. Just a few quick cleaning tips and tricks though, and that challenge becomes manageable. Rather than scrubbing that coffee carafe to remove the brown coffee scale, pop two Alka Seltzer tabs and some water in and let it sit for 20 minutes. The scale should wipe out easily. This will also work for water pitchers, vases, or other glassware with mineral build-up.

Forget the baking soda in the fridge, and use activated charcoal tablets to control odors. Use the baking soda in the sink drain instead, chased by white vinegar, at least once a week. This mixture will also do an effective job of cleaning appliances, countertops, and the inside of the refrigerator as well.

Keep in mind that nothing will take the place of a commercial cleaning company for keeping your office clean, sanitary, and looking (and smelling) its best. These quick cleaning tips and tricks are helpful for keeping things under control between janitorial service visits, and to make your cleaning service as efficient as possible. Besides, your office will be a much nicer place to work!

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