Tips for Selecting an Office Cleaning Business

In our last blog, we helped business owners and facilities managers locate qualified commercial cleaning services in their area, and identify those specific janitorial needs posed by their industry and company.

However, what questions are appropriate when comparing cleaning firms, in an attempt to select the best one for your business?

You have identified the services that you need for your company. The first question to ask any potential janitorial solutions company is how their qualifications meet your needs.

Verify experience, certifications, training, cleaning products used and equipment in accordance with your requirements. It doesn’t make sense to engage a medical office cleaning service if your company is a hair salon or restaurant.

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Ask whether the company is bonded and insured. Request to see verification and follow up to make certain their insurance policy and bond are current.

Upon entering into an agreement, you may want to request to be added as an additional insured on the company’s policy. This will make sure that if an employee of the cleaning company be injured in your facility, the janitorial service’s coverage will extend to you. It will also ensure that if the company’s insurance lapses, you will receive written notification from the carrier.

Ask for a list of references, specific to your industry. Take the time to call each reference and ask relevant questions. Most people want to provide helpful information when asked. No company is perfect and the mark of a responsive cleaning company is not whether they occasionally have issues, but how they handle problems when they arise.

Of course, pricing is a critical consideration and cheaper is not always better. Ask each company you interview for a menu of services and their pricing policy.

You may believe that you will only need basic services; however, hiring a cleaning company that offers a wide variety of services will ensure you don’t have to seek out a different vendor if you need carpets cleaned, floors stripped, or other occasional services.

We’ve covered a lot, but there are still a few final considerations for hiring a cleaning and janitorial service. In our next blog, we will cover the remaining questions you should ask when hiring a cleaning company for your office! We think you’ll be happy with what Town & Country offers and we want you to be sure as well.

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