Tips For Cleaning Wood Surfaces

Cleaning Wood Surfaces

Cleaning wood surfaces in a commercial setting can be tricky. Commercial surfaces typically differ from those found in the home, and consequently require a different approach for maintaining them safely and effectively. The beauty and durability of wood makes it a popular choice for floors, furnishings and other office finishes.

Read on for some professional tips for keeping your wood surfaces clean and looking good.

Cleaning Wood Floors

Commercial flooring products are designed for durability and easy care. Nevertheless, using the wrong cleaning products or procedures can harm the sealers applied by the manufacturer. Whether the floor is true hardwood or a composite laminate product, a microfiber mop is a good option for regular maintenance. In most cases, dry cleaning is the way to go, as most natural and laminate flooring surfaces are susceptible to moisture damage. A good dry mop will handle most regular cleaning tasks. In the event of a wet spill, clean the stain as quickly as possible with a dry towel, then wipe clean with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. For periodic damp mopping, use a product recommended by the manufacturer or one that is specifically formulated for wood floor care.

Wood Furniture Care

Wood is used for many commercial furnishings, including conference tables, desks, file cabinets and lobby tables. Much like your floors, most cleaning tasks can be handled with a soft microfiber dusting cloth. Wipe in the direction of the wood’s grain and avoid using circular motions. Commercial furniture generally does not require polishing or waxing, and most manufacturers recommend avoiding cleaning products that contain silicone or any type of polishing grit. For wet cleaning, use a mild detergent-based product specifically designed for wood. Beware of those products designated as all-purpose cleaners, as they can may contain harsh chemicals that can damage or discolor the finish.

Wood Repair and Specialty Cleaning

Accidents happen, especially in the office, but some problems are especially troublesome for wood surfaces. Undetected wet spills, for example, can cause white spots, warping or even mold. Heat, such as that from a laptop or a hot food dish, can cause wood to darken or discolor. Scratches in commercial furniture usually cannot be repaired using the standard methods appropriate for residential furnishings. Unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all approach rectifies every problem. Before attempting a fix you read about online, contact a professional cleaning or furniture restoration company, so you don’t risk causing further damage, voiding the product’s warranty or even ruining the surface.

Town and Country Office Cleaning specializes in the safe and effective cleaning of all commercial surfaces. Whether your office or facility has wood, laminate, tile or other specialty cleaning challenges, the experienced professionals at Town and Country can provide expert maintenance and specialized, reliable cleaning services. Contact them today for more professional tips for cleaning wood surfaces in your office.

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