The Scary Aftermath of a Halloween Party: How to Clean Your Office

Knowing how to clean your office is key and will allow you to focus on the holiday and the good times with your employees and coworkers.

After all, these moments in the office are a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some holiday fun together. October is full of tricks and treats, but the spookiest part is the aftermath of your office Halloween party.

Here are four tips that will help you maximize the party and minimize the stress of the mess.

Cleaning Tips for Your Office Halloween Party

1.Start with a Clean Office — Before you start your office celebrations, make sure your space is thoroughly cleaned. While it may seem silly to clean your office before the festivities begin since it will only get messy a few hours later, it actually will make for less work after the party is over. The aftermath of the Halloween bash is far less horrifying if you start with a clean space.

2.Get Ready for the Garbage — Garbage bins tend to fill up fast on regular workdays, as it is. Add in a party — especially a Halloween party — and your trash cans will fill up even faster. Avoid this nightmare by setting out additional large garbage cans throughout the space. The more wastebaskets you set out, the few candy wrappers, napkins, cups, and plate you’ll clean up afterward.

3.Set up and Decorate with Clean-Up in Mind — As you set up for the party and begin decorating, keep cleaning up in mind. Thankfully, there are several ways you can approach making your space look festive while still being clean-up friendly. Here are a few ways you can make cleaning up your eery decor a breeze:

-Piles and piles of dishes is a scary sight. Avoid them altogether and opt out of using real flatware and dishes. Instead, use plasticware and cups and paper plates.

-Spills and crumbs have nothing on disposable table clothes! Find some in a Halloween-inspired print, and after the fun is over, roll up the mess and throw away!

-While confetti and glitter are fun and festive, cleaning them up feels like a nightmare! You’ll save yourself tons of time vacuuming if you avoid these frightful items.

4.Keep Cleaning Supplies Accessible — Messes are an inevitable part of office parties with all the food, drinks, and celebration happening. You’ll likely encounter spooky spills and monstrous messes along the way. But by keeping your cleaning supplies accessible and handy, you can quickly clean up these bone-chilling messes right away so you can avoid stains that will haunt you long after the party is over.

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Happy Halloween!

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