How to Select a Commercial Cleaning or Janitorial Service

Today’s business owners and managers have a lot on their proverbial plates and, although they have a host of diverse skills, knowing how to select the right commercial cleaning service may not be one of them. Every industry has its own cleaning and maintenance challenges, and every company has a unique set of needs as well.  Finding the right janitorial service for your company doesn’t have to be difficult, if you know the right questions to ask.

How to Select a Commercial Cleaning or Janitorial Service

The first place to start is with your industry. Are there established standards that must be met, such as those with which food handling businesses or medial offices must comply?  If so, your cleaning service must have both experience and any necessary training or certifications to meet those requirements. Next, consider the size of your office or facility. Depending on whether you have a single site or multiple locations that require service will determine the size of the cleaning service you engage.  Identify how frequently you need cleaning services, the type of cleaning your office or facility requires, and whether there are any special surfaces, items, or equipment that must be addressed. Finally, consider any special circumstances unique to your business and how these may affect the janitorial services process. Do you have employees working unusual hours?  Are there areas of the office with elevated security or that require non-employees to be escorted? If so, this will require special consideration and coordination with the cleaning service.

Understanding the needs of your company is a critical first step, but knowing how to identify which commercial cleaning companies to interview presents an entirely separate challenge.

Most experts agree that the best way to find great service providers of any kind is through a referral from a trusted friend, family member, or industry colleague. Ask others in your industry for janitorial company recommendations, but be sure to do your own due diligence as well. Your local Better Business Bureau ( is a great source for finding BBB certified companies.  Safe, sustainable, and environmentally conscious cleaning products are critical today. Town & Country Office Cleaning uses Green Seal products, an outstanding way to ensure that your office is contributing to a green environment.

Now that you’ve determined your needs and which janitorial companies to interview, what are the questions you must ask each one?  We will help you identify the critical questions in Part II of our series!

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