Quickest Ways To Clean Textured Walls

Knowing how to clean textured walls in your office will keep your workspace looking brand new, but it can be a chore.

Even in your office, keeping your walls fingerprint, smudge, and dirt-free can be difficult. Preschoolers and other children are not only to blame for smudge-covered walls; adults also seem to have adifficult timekeeping walls perfectly clean. But, today, we’re filling you in on the quickest ways to clean your office walls.

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Quickest Ways to Clean Textured Walls

Here’s what you can do to clean your textured walls:


Even on vertical walls, dust can settle, especially on walls that are textured. A regular dusting routine is necessary to keep your walls looking clean. Before you can wash your walls, it’s important to remove the dust while it’s dry to avoid clumping the dust and making it stick and more difficult to clean.

For drywall, dusting is made easy with a lambswool duster that has an extendable handle. If you don’t have access to this tool, a broom whose bristles are covered with a microfiber cloth will work just fine. Start at the top and work your way down, paying close attention to the corners and where the walls and ceiling meet where cobwebs tend to gather.

If your walls are especially textured or are paneled, using a vacuum with a bristle attachment is easy on the wall but effectively sucks up dust. Similar to drywall, start at the top and work downwards, again, focusing on spots where spiderwebs gather.


While it seems daunting, washing your painted walls is a necessary, worthwhile chore. After you’ve dusted your walls, you can use a water-based solution to clean your walls. It’s best to clean entire walls and not just individual smudges. Remove all wall decor and move furniture away from the walls to give you enough space to work.

Mix one gallon of warm water and a quarter cup of mild dishwashing detergent in a bucket and a soft yet knobby white cloth or sponge for cleaning. Other supplies you’ll need are a ladder (so you can reach all the way to the top of your walls), rubber gloves (if you want), and a dry cloth to mop up drippy messes. You may even want to lay down a towel at the base of the wall to catch likely drips and spills. Climb your ladder and use circular motions to gently clean your walls. After you have completed washing your walls, don’t forget to give your window sills and baseboards a little TLC, too.

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