Professional Upholstery Cleaning in the Office

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is one of the most frequently overlooked and neglected tasks in the business setting. Every day, your employees and customers come in contact with your fabric chairs, cubicle dividers and reception-area furniture. Fabric acts like a magnet for soil, grease and germs. Not only can this pose a health hazard, it also degrades the professional appearance of your office or facility.

When to Clean Upholstery

Most experts recommend having your business’s upholstery professionally cleaned on at least an annual basis, even if you don’t think it’s necessary. This helps reduce the spread of germs, but it also protects your capital investment. Professional cleaning can dramatically increase the life of your furniture, especially if the service involves the application of a preservative or fabric protectant. It’s also important to have new stains professionally treated as quickly as possible, before they have a chance to set in and become permanent. For maintenance purposes, don’t allow items to become overly soiled before treatment, as even the most qualified professionals may be unable to restore them.

How it Works

Several types of professional techniques are used for cleaning upholstery. The right one for your business is the one recommended by your furniture’s manufacturer. Typically the process begins with vacuuming and spot removal of any noticeable stains. Cleaning is done using a steam or hot water extraction method, then the furniture is rinsed and the water extracted. Finally, the framework is cleaned and polished. Other steps may include deodorizing and the application of fabric protectant or preservative. A dry-cleaning technique also exists, if your fabric is delicate or not color-fast.

Hiring a Professional Upholstery Cleaner

Before hiring an upholstery cleaning service, ensure that they are certified, licensed and insured and that they will adhere to your furniture manufacturer’s recommended practices. Ask for a full, written estimate that includes all services you want performed. Ask about the products they use and which techniques they recommend for your furniture. Before hiring an unknown provider for this service, check with your regular office-cleaning company. Many janitorial services also provide carpet and upholstery cleaning. If so, your cleaning-service contractor is the obvious choice for handling this aspect of your company’s needs.

Town and Country Office Cleaning offers a full range of commercial cleaning services, including carpet and upholstery deep cleaning. They understand the investment you have in your office furniture and the importance of keeping your office clean and looking great. Include professional upholstery cleaning as a part of your regular maintenance service routine.

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Managing an office is no easy task, and you deserve a top-quality commercial cleaning service. The professionals at Town & Country thorough and efficient, and we proudly embrace the green movement in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Like our cleaning crews, each of our products is of the highest caliber, and we offer eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions. Keeping our customers healthy means a job well done. For all your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs, only the best will do — Town & Country. Contact us today to learn more.

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