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Of all the areas of your office, restroom cleaning is arguably the most important. Clean restrooms help prevent the spread of germs and ensure the comfort of your staff and customers. If you choose to clean your facility’s restrooms in-house, it may be helpful to understand how professional janitorial services approach this process. Following a pre-established procedure will ensure that your restrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each time.

Order of Operations for Restroom Cleaning

Before anything else, don your industrial strength rubber gloves to protect against germs and chemical burns. Begin the process with toilet bowls and urinals, allowing bowl cleaner to sit for as long as possible. Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, giving special attention to light switches, door handles and towel and soap dispensers. Clean glass and mirrors then faucets. Wipe surfaces again using a germicidal or antibacterial product. Sweep and remove any debris from floors. Finish with dry mopping followed by a thorough wet mopping. Refill toilet paper and hand towel dispensers. Finally, remove all trash bags and replace with fresh can liners.

Choosing the Right Tools

Any tool or product used for cleaning office restrooms must be designated for use only in the restrooms. Never use bathroom cleaning tools or products in the office kitchen or any other area or you risk cross-contamination. At minimum, you will need good rubber or vinyl gloves, a broom, dustpan, mop, mop bucket, scrubbing pads, microfiber cloths, and trashcan liners. You may also need specialized tools to unclog drains if needed.

Restroom Cleaning Chemicals and Related Products

Not all cleaning products are created equally, especially when it comes to cleaning commercial bathrooms. Depending on the number of employees you have and the amount of use the restrooms have, more powerful, industrial products may be required. A typical set of commercial restroom cleaning products includes clinging bowl cleanser, bacterial enzyme odor eliminator, a product for cleaning mirrors and glass,and one for sinks, countertops, and other surfaces. Other products you may need include stain removers, grout cleaners, drain cleaner, mildew remover, calcium/scale/rust remover an acid-based cleaner or soap scum remover. Soap dispensers also must be refilled regularly so be sure to have a large bottle of soap handy for refilling.

Even with these tips and tricks, cleaning office bathrooms is harder than you might think and requires many tools and chemicals. For a truly germ-free restroom, nothing beats having professional cleaning services come in daily. Cleaning professionals have the proper equipment and are trained in techniques that ensure a truly clean restroom. When it comes to office restroom cleaning, it’s safer, easier and usually less expensive to trust the pros!

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