Professional Cleaning Services Spiff Up Car Dealerships’ Image

Car Dealership Cleaning

If you own or manage a car dealership, cleaning services are probably important to you. A sparkling clean showroom is even more important if your business deals in high-end automobiles, classic cars or restoration work. The attention to detail can’t stop at the showroom, however. Today’s discerning consumer expects the entire experience to be a positive one, from the reception area to the service department. It is important to choose the right commercial cleaning service to ensure that your dealership is always immaculate.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Requires Special Attention to Detail

Almost without exception, buying a car is the largest single expenditure a customer makes in the retail setting. Research shows that a good dealership purchasing experience is highly influential in creating brand loyalty, but the inverse is true as well. A less-than-clean facility can leave a negative impression, the origins of which the customer may not even be able to pinpoint. Automotive showrooms endure a high level of foot traffic all day, every day. This means that your cleaning service must devote much attention to detail — mopping, dusting and polishing every surface. Buyers expect that level of detail to extend beyond just the showroom, however, so sales and financial offices, and parts, service and waiting areas require just as much attention.

Beyond the Showroom

It takes more than a clean showroom to make an impression in today’s competitive sales market. Potential buyers may ask for a tour of your parts and service department. If not at the time of purchase, he or she will inevitably end up there someday. An encounter with a dingy, smelly service waiting area sticks with the buying public. Customers expect a bright, clean and comfortable waiting area and modern, sanitary restrooms. A major trend in the automotive industry is the use of hospitality consultants to design a customer “experience” within the service department. You may not have the funds to redesign your facility, especially if it’s small or locally owned; however, you can provide the cleanest environment possible and sweeten the deal by offering gourmet coffee and cold bottled water for your customers.

Making Sure Your Facility Sparkles

Based on the extensive nature of a car dealership’s operating hours, you will require a cleaning service that works around your schedule. If your sales and financial staff often stay beyond posted closing times to wrap up deals, they shouldn’t have to worry about tripping over the janitorial service. Consequently, it’s critical to find a commercial cleaning company that can accommodate your needs. Likewise, your janitorial service must understand the importance of detail, leaving every surface shiny and like new, every day. In your industry, you have no room for even the tiniest of mistakes when it comes to the details.

Town and Country Office Cleaning specializes in helping auto dealerships and related business ventures put forth the very best image possible. Contact them today for a complimentary comparison quote for your car dealership cleaning services.

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