Why You Should Keep Your Office Windows Clean

Keeping your office windows clean can be challenging. However, a lack of maintenance can send your clients a message you don’t wish to convey to them.

Like any windows, windows in your office are an essential part of your workspace as they provide potential emergency escape routes, provide sunlight, are an aesthetically pleasing feature, and provide an outside view. Neglecting your office windows is one of the biggest mistakes your company can make. Dirty, smudged, and streaky windows are unsightly, regardless of how everything else looks and the products or services you provide.

Want to learn more about why keeping your office windows clean is a good idea? Continue reading below.

Reasons to Keep Your Office Windows Clean

Here’s why you should keep your workspace windows clean:

Increase Staff Productivity

Clean windows and productivity may not seem like they go hand in hand; however, research shows that exposure to windows and sunlight increases a person’s quality of life. Ample sun exposure can also help your staff have better adjusted sleep cycles and sleep better at night, helping them come to work rested, refreshed, and ready to work by regulating their circadian rhythm. A balanced circadian rhythm can also help your employees have better hormone releases, making them less prone to mood swings. Clean windows allow your staff to be exposed to sunlight they would not otherwise be during regular office hours.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Make a good impression on your employees and clients with sparkly clean windows. Dirty windows can give others the sense that you do not care, and if you do not care about the aesthetics of your workspace, what else might be under par? Clean windows and a clean office will give your team a sense of pride when coming to work each day. When you care, they care.

Wear and Tear

Glass can seem invincible, but because it is porous, it can breakdown over time if it is not properly taken care of. Neglecting your windows and keeping them clean can cause your windows to acquire a permanent layer of dust, grime, and dirt. Microorganisms may even begin to grow on your windows’ edges, causing them to become fragile as time passes. Regular care and cleaning of your windows will help them age better, keep them strong, and looking good for years.

Increased Efficiency

Many of today’s workspaces have solar windows installed to reduce the office’s energy consumption, making them more “green” and efficient. When windows are dirty, these windows cannot function as efficiently, making them absorb more heat and have to work harder to produce more energy. This phenomenon is known as solar clouding and can be caused by contaminants like bird feces, tree pollen, and dust. To help your windows function at their maximum potential, it is crucial to clean the windows to get the best return on your investment.

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