Office-Cleaning Techniques to Prevent Slips and Falls

Preventing Slip and Fall

Effective commercial office-cleaning techniques are the best way to prevent dangerous slips and falls in your facility. Slips and falls are a leading cause of injury in the workplace, as well as a significant source of liability for the employer. The risk is as severe for customers, vendors and other visitors as it is for your own staff. Protect your business by taking proactive steps to minimize this risk.

The Price of Slips, Trips and Falls

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that slips, trips and falls make up the majority of workplace accidents and are second only to motor vehicle accidents for industrial fatalities. More than $70 billon is paid out each year in medical expenses and workers’ compensation claims, and that figure only addresses employee accidents. When you also consider liability claims from unrelated parties who slip or fall while visiting, the number becomes staggering. OSHA is quite clear in advising businesses that the best way to avoid becoming a statistic is having safe floors.

Generalized Floor Cleaning

Slips, trips and falls are almost always preventable. You can minimize the chance of slip-and-fall accidents by practicing diligent floor safety. Attack spills immediately or block the area off with cones and warning signs. Remove all traces of the spill using hot water and floor-specific chemicals. Cleaning products not specifically designed for use on floors can actually create a more hazardous situation. Applying a nonslip coating to hard-floor surfaces can also be helpful for preventing accidents — however, it does not reduce the need for diligent cleaning and maintenance.

How Professional Cleaning Reduces Slipping

Over time, flooring can become hazardous just because of the natural wear and tear it endures from day-to-day office traffic. Commercial cleaning extends the life of a floor, with the proper use of chemicals and cleaning techniques. Although your own custodial personnel can do a great job of maintaining the cleanliness of office flooring, investing in regular commercial cleaning services can decrease the chances of insufficiently or inadequately cleaned high-traffic surfaces. Your professional cleaning service may recommend applying wax to the floor to reduce the slipperiness, or other techniques to ensure the ongoing safety of your facility. They will also make sure that any foreign substances and loose debris are removed from floors regularly.

Preventing accidents in your office or facility requires diligent safety practices and attention to detail. Although commercial office cleaning can’t solve all your problems or mitigate all injury risks, it will help prevent many potential hazards. Contact Town and Country Office Cleaning today to learn more about how your company can benefit from their commercial office cleaning services.

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