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Every business needs an office cleaning supply checklist. Even if your company has a regular janitorial service, messes happen. The last thing any business owner or manager needs to deal with is an unexpected spill or other cleaning crisis, moments before that big client is expected in for a meeting. Be prepared for such contingencies with this simple must-have list of office cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Products and Chemicals

A good all-purpose disinfectant is your best friend, at least when it comes to cleaning supplies. Choose one that can eat through nasty spills but doesn’t have an overwhelming chemical odor. Citrus-based products usually fit the bill perfectly. Keep a pop-up container of disinfecting wipes handy, especially during cold and flu season, as well as a bleach-based antibacterial spray. Finally, have an all-purpose stain and spot remover and, if your facility has carpet, an emergency spot-remover product. Catching a nasty stain early may mean the difference between preserving and replacing a section of your office carpeting.

Cleaning Tools and Equipment

In addition to the cleaning products listed above, be prepared with a few basic, multitasking tools. A broom and dustpan are important, as is a vacuum cleaner; however, a good quality handheld vacuum is an effective and space-conscious substitute for both. Sponge mops tend to be popular, but the old-style flat (wet) mops can also be used effectively as dry dust mops also. Even better, the same style mop in microfiber can be used to clean walls, mini blinds and to quickly soak up spills. Complete your toolkit with a microfiber cleaning cloth, a long-handled anti-static duster (good for cobwebs), a large, absorbent sponge and several “Magic Eraser” or similar pads.

Other Items to Consider

If you have the storage space, a few other items may come in handy. Glass cleaner, wood polish, air freshener and wood or stainless steel polish (if you have those surfaces) are helpful. Rubber gloves, a bucket and steel wool pads can be lifesavers in many situations. For a versatile, do-it-all approach, keep white vinegar, baking soda and isopropyl alcohol handy as well. These three products, in various combinations, can be used for a host of cleaning and deodorizing applications.

For all your regular and emergency cleaning needs, trust the experienced professionals at Town & Country Office Cleaning. With Town & Country, your office cleaning supply checklist will stay short and sweet!

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