Office Cleaning: Areas in Your Work Space that are Often Overlooked

When it comes to office cleaning, there are many areas and surfaces in your workspace that are overlooked. 

While the major areas in your office, like your carpets and counters, get regular attention, there are plenty of other spaces that are forgotten and left unclean. These neglected areas need attention because dirt and germs do not discriminate, so it’s important to get every area and surface in your office clean and sanitized.

Learn more about the areas in your office that are often overlooking when it comes to office cleaning.

Areas in Your Work Space that are Often Overlooked When Cleaning

COMPUTERS — One of the most used items in an office is the computer. While the keyboard may get attention here and there when it comes to cleaning, the rest of the computer is often forgotten. Keep your computer functioning and performing its best by keeping it clear of dust often. It is best to sanitize your keyboard at least twice each day. To avoid accidentally performing computer functions, you can turn off your computer on cleaning days, so cleaning employees can fully clean your keyboard. Don’t forget to sanitize and clean your headphones and microphone (if you use an external one), too.

PHONES — By the end of each workday, the phone and area surrounding your phone are incredibly dirty and covered in germs. The phone is one of the office’s filthiest parts and needs to be cleaned using an antibacterial cleanser since your hands, ears, and mouth make direct contact with it all throughout the day. Ensuring your phone is cleaned multiple times each day will help prevent illnesses from spreading in your office.

WINDOW SILLS — The glass on your windows may get regular attention, but the window sills are often forgotten and can accumulate layers of dust. Combat this eyesore by taking a cloth and wipe them once every week or two.

SHARED OFFICE EQUIPMENT — Does your office have a community printer, copier, or fax machine? What about a station with smaller office supplies like a stapler, three-hole punch, and tape dispenser? Since these areas are frequently used by numerous people all day, they are especially susceptible to being covered by and spreading germs. Don’t forget about the break room’s shared items, such as the fridge door handles, toaster, and table surfaces. Avoiding neglecting these areas will help keep your employees healthy and your office clean.

DOOR KNOBS — Door knobs, handles, exit buttons, and elevator buttons might be the most touched objects in your office. Not only can they be covered in germs, but they can also accumulate plenty of smudges from frequent use. Make sure to wash your hands each time you touch any of these and regularly sanitize them using an antibacterial cleaner.

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