Natural Office Cleaning Products

Everyone is concerned about our environment today and business owners and managers are no different. You want to minimize the negative impact you and your business have on the environment and you certainly don’t want to subject your employees or clients to harmful chemicals. These are the very concerns that send business owners and facilities managers in search of information about natural clean products for the office. 

Whenever the subject of green office cleaning products comes up, we are inevitably asked three questions:

Natural Office Cleaning Products

Are natural commercial cleaning products safe?

This is a tricky question. Just because a product advertises itself to be “green,” “environmentally friendly,” or even “safe,” does not mean it is free of harsh or even toxic ingredients. The guidelines for labeling a product as green are vague at best. Look for the words “degradable” or “recyclable,” terms closely regulated by the FTC. A product may only be labeled degradable if is capable of decomposing in a landfill within 12 months. To be recyclable, facilities in which the product can be recycled must be widely available.

Are green commercial cleaning products effective?

We all want our cleaning products to be safe but the cleaning supplies don’t do much good if they are not able to effectively clean the surfaces they are designed for. Many business owners battle with this issue because, as much as they want to observe good environmental practices, the office or facility still needs to be clean and sanitary. With the growing demand for green cleaning products, there are several commercial brands to select from that are as effective as traditional cleaners. Talk to your commercial cleaning service and ask about the products they use. The EPA offers some guidelines to help you know what to avoid and what to look for in green cleaning products.

How do I find the right natural cleaning products for my office?

Many products are sold online as commercial cleaning supplies, green or otherwise. The truth is that companies in the institutional and industrial cleaning industry are the ones most qualified to identify and use products that ensure a clean and healthy office for you, your employees, and your customers. Professional office cleaning companies must use products that are approved by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA standards for commercial cleaning products are designed to protect both the consumer and the janitorial service using the products.

To ensure the safety and efficacy of the cleaning supplies used in your facility, consult a commercial office cleaning service in your area. Explain your desire to use green cleaning products in your office, and allow the janitorial professional to recommend the safest, most effective products for your needs.

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