Keeping Office Equipment Clean

Office equipment takes a beating. Multiple users and office traffic cause dust and grime to accumulate quickly. Keeping equipment clean will keep it working well, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and extend its life. Just a few minutes each week will make a big difference with these delicate electronics.

Cleaning Your Office Equipment

Cleaning Power Strips, Surge Suppressors, Electrical Cords

Start by taking care of the tools used to power your office equipment. Cords are the bane of many offices, tangled, under-foot, and collecting crumbs. Cord keepers and clips will help reduce dirt and dust, especially the type that completely sleeve around cords. Always unplug power devices before cleaning, and take extra care to keep liquids away. Never use aerosol or spray products to clean power strips. Turn the power strip upside down and shake gently to dislodge debris, then vacuum lighting with a brush attachment. Do not used canned air with power devices. Dampen microfiber cloth with distilled water, and gently wipe all cords and power strips. Stubborn stains may be removed using a rubber (not gum) pencil eraser or a Mr. Clean eraser. Dry all cords thoroughly before use (let them sit unplugged overnight if possible).

Computer Cleaning

Both desktop and laptop cleaning can be a real chore. Turn equipment off before cleaning. Use a lint-free cloth dampened with distilled water to wipe down monitors and cases. Commercial computer cleaners and antistatic products do also work, but are generally expensive uni-taskers. Compressed air does a nice job removing keyboard crumbs, but it can also push dirt father in. Vacuum keyboards lightly for best results. Take special care to remove lint and debris from computer vents and fans. Vacuum these areas rather than using compressed air, as that can push dust back into the delicate electronics.

Cleaning Printers, Copiers, Scanners, and Fax Machines

Office machines are expensive and delicate. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, otherwise you may void the warranty. For general maintenance, focus on dust and grime. Wipe down office equipment screens and keypads regularly with a dust-attractant cloth, and vacuum gently with a soft brush. Periodically unplug machines and wipe off the exterior case using a damp, lint-free cloth. If it’s particularly dirty, mix one part each white vinegar and distilled water. Never spray any aerosol or other liquid directly on electronics.

Don’t open up your printer or copier to clean it; that should be part of your regular maintenance contract with your office equipment repair technician.

When in doubt about how to clean office equipment, or when things get really dirty, contact your commercial cleaning service. They will have the equipment and experience to clean your office equipment thoroughly and safely.

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