Improving the Image of Your Medical Front Office

Medical Front Office

Customer perceptions of a medical office aren’t the same as those of a retail store or professional services facility. Your patients and their families visit your office with a reasonable expectation of health and safety. If those expectations are not met, today’s well-informed consumer won’t hesitate to find a different practitioner. Medical office cleaning services require more than simply emptying trash cans and running a wet mop around the floors. Implementing an industry-specific cleaning program will not only ensure that your practice remains in regulatory compliance, but also that your customers view your facility as safe and worthy of their trust.

Improving Reception and Waiting Area Image

Practice managers in today’s marketplace emphasize efficiency and the steps that medical practitioners can take to improve the patient experience while minimizing overhead. As patients become more accustomed to seeing the doctor on their schedule and with minimal notice, medical offices are forced to work scheduling miracles. As a result, patients and their family members spend enough time in lobby areas to take notice of their surroundings. An increased awareness of contagion and potential contamination means that you have little room for anything less than a spotless waiting area. Although cleaning is an important component of the waiting area’s image, so too are its design and amenities, including comfortable seating and effective signage. Think vending machines that dispense healthy food and bottled water. Design features that enhance patients’ sense of privacy and noise-attenuating surfaces also help create a welcoming space to wait.

Help Front Office Staff Improve Patient Flow

Even more important than the ambiance of the waiting area, the front office staff sets the tone for a successful patient experience. In fact, research shows that the front office staff has a direct effect on the profitability of a medical practice. Many practitioners and practice managers focus on the treatment experience to the exclusion of other interactions. Patients, however, judge the entire experience of visiting a medical office, not just their time spent with the doctor. A cluttered front office and harried staffers can result in a subconscious stress response from patients. Obviously, front office areas must be clean and well maintained, but piles of paper and disorganization can contribute to poor patient perception. Consider engaging the services of an organizational consultant to streamline work flow. This will improve the front office appearance and, at the same time, reduce the stress front-line workers experience.

Town and Country Office Cleaning, specializing in customized medical office cleaning programs designed to meet the needs of your practice, is dedicated to helping you improve your image. Contact Town and Country today to discuss your medical office cleaning needs.

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