The Importance of Interim Carpet Cleaning

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Interim carpet cleaning is important in the commercial setting for several reasons. Periodic deep carpet cleaning prolongs the life of commercial carpeting, just as daily vacuuming does. However, interim treatments can save you time and money while improving office appearance and air quality. To get the most out of your office carpet treatments, learn how to determine the right schedule and cleaning methods for your facility.

What is Interim Carpet Cleaning?

The Carpet and Rug Institute defines interim treatment as the cleaning that takes place between vacuuming and deep-cleaning. Over time, sticky residue accumulates in low-pile commercial carpet fibers, causing them to mat down and become saturated with grease and dirt. Interim treatments lift the pile and break up any accumulated soil, whisking it away. Whereas deep soil extraction reaches down into the pad level to remove dirt and contaminants, interim treatments work to prevent large quantities of soil from becoming lodged deep down. The result is a more consistent flooring appearance with less harmful contaminant buildup. This buildup is what shortens the life of carpeting, causing excess wear and degrading the air quality in your office.

Why Interim Treatment is Critical

The purpose of interim treatment is to keep carpet looking good and to prolong its life. These periodic treatments help reduce the number of deep-soil extractions that are necessary. This approach can also save your business money over time. For example, if your office or facility experiences a significant level of foot traffic, you may be using a deep-soil extraction every quarter or twice a year. Having an interim treatment each month can reduce the required frequency of deep cleaning to once a year. From an appearance perspective, carpet treated in this manner will consistently look better, but will also harbor fewer harmful contaminants that can cause allergies, breathing problems and unpleasant odors.

Selecting the Right Interim Cleaning Method

Interim carpet treatment can be done in one of five ways, according to the CRI. The first step, regardless of which method is to be used, involves the application of a preconditioning product in traffic lanes or excessively soiled areas. A dry extraction method may be used next. This is a popular approach because it is quick, safe and effective. Other interim cleaning methods include the bonnet method, dry foam extraction, steam cleaning or rotary cleaning. Each of these approaches has pros and cons, based on cost, time and efficacy. The best way to determine which one is right for your business is to consult with your commercial cleaning contractor. Discuss your specific needs, budgetary considerations and schedule. Depending on the type of carpet your facility has and its soil level, your cleaning service can make an appropriate recommendation.

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