How To Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

While keeping your office carpets clean can be challenging, it is worth the effort to keep messes at bay and maintain your company’s reputation.

One of the most significant areas in a commercial workspace, and most challenging to keep looking clean, are your carpets. Because they are such a high-profile part of your office, it’s easy for employees, customers, and clients to take notice of their appearance. Unfortunately, carpets in the workplace take a severe beating simply because of the amount of traffic they experience. Thankfully there are few things you can do to help them look and function their best.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Carpets Clean

Keeping the carpets in your commercial space can feel like a never-ending task, but it is worth it! Here are five things you can do to extend the life of your office carpets and keep them looking clean:

  1. Stick to a Regular Vacuum Schedule — The amount of traffic your office space sees will determine how often you need to vacuum. For example, a restaurant or child’s daycare will need daily or more vacuuming, while a smaller office may only require weekly vacuuming.
  2. Ensure Outdoor Areas Are Clean — How clean the exterior of your office space directly affects how clean the interior of your office is, especially the carpets. If there is plenty of dirt and debris outside, it will likely be tracked inside within minutes. To keep your workspace carpets clean, sweep and spray down sidewalks, entrances, and parking lots often.
  3. Utilize Indoor and Outdoor Mats — Another simple way to keep your carpets free from outside filth is to provide mats inside and outside the entrances of your office. Those who enter the building will then have a place to wipe the dirt, mud, snow, and other messes from their shoes. Moreover, a mat placed near delicate areas (such as entrances or transitions) can reduce the amount of wear and tear. Just keep in mind that floor mats require the same amount of maintenance as the rest of your carpet.
  4. Schedule Regular Deep Cleanings — Thanks to heavy traffic, carpets in a workspace can get heavily soiled quickly. Remove the set-in dirt deep in carpet fibers that a vacuum can’t remove with regular professional deep cleanings.
  5. Use Mats Below Desks and Chairs — Using plastic mats underneath office chairs and desks can help keep your carpet in good condition and act as a barrier for spills and stains. Place these in areas where you know your staff members frequently eat or drink.

Get Your Office Carpets Clean with Town & Country Office Cleaning

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