How To Keep Your Glass Clean

Your office needs to remain clean and appealing, and it’s crucial to keep your glass clean to keep your space looking luxurious. 

It’s crucial to keep it clean, not just for the clients, but also for the enjoyment and effectiveness of the office employees. Unfortunately, much of the focus can fall to table surfaces, floors, and shared spaces like a break room or kitchen, leaving any other spaces to grow grimier slowly. 

Offices usually rely on glass for multiple functions. Not only is glass clean and modern-looking, but it also helps to separate spaces without causing claustrophobia. Glass allows for divisions while maximizing visibility. Although glass is simple to clean, it can also attract fingerprints, streaks, and even germs when not regularly cleaned. Glass can slowly grow dingier, without the daily users really noticing. Instead, keep your workplace clean with these seven strategies. 

7 Ways to Keep Your Glass Clean

Try a few of these ideas to see what helps your office glass stay crystal clear. 

  1. Ditch the Hard Water. It’s difficult to get glass fully clean when you’re using hard water for cleaning. Hard water contains minerals and deposits that are more likely to cause streaking—and can even introduce grit that will scratch the glass. Hard water causes buildup and clouding, so consider investing in a water softener or requesting that cleaning crews soften the water used in cleaning. 
  1. Dust First. One of the underlooked causes of streaked glass is when the glass isn’t wiped or dusted before cleaning. When you fail to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the glass walls or windows, you’re introducing grime into the cleaning mixture and can scratch the glass in the process of wiping. 
  1. Top to Bottom. Start at the top, even if it means you have to drag a ladder around. Beginning at the top will help prevent streaking and drips from ruining the cleaning you’ve already done. 
  1. Avoid Sunlight. The sun can dry the glass before the cleaning agent processes, or you have a chance to get a rag or squeegee to remove the water. This can create streaks that are visible later, even if the glass looks clean in the sun. 
  1. Squeegee. The best way to avoid streaks is to finish with a squeegee or microfiber cloth so that no residual water is left to create streaks or drip marks. 
  1. Prevent Touching. Add handles where you have glass doors to minimize fingerprints, and consider placing plants, benches, or even rails against glass walls or windows that are frequently touched or bumped. This can help people keep their distance from that glass that they might not otherwise see—resulting in bumping, touching, and dirtier glass. 
  1. Wipe Fast. If there are spills, clean them up as soon as possible. If employees use windows or glass walls for post-it notes or whiteboard markers, be sure that the chemicals don’t sit on the glass for more than a couple of days, as it can start to damage the glass and become more difficult to remove. 

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