How to Clean Your Office Window Treatments

Cleaning your office window treatments is a step that is often overlooked during the regular cleaning process.

While they may seem insignificant, windows can play a significant role in your employees’ health, happiness, and productiveness. Keeping them clean and functional is important to the success of your business, and this includes keeping the window treatments clean, too. They are often overlooked because many people assume it’s a tedious process or inconvenient. However, deep cleaning your office blinds or shades isn’t really all that complicated.  

Continue reading to learn how to clean the window treatments in your office below.

How You Can Clean Your Office Window Treatments

It’s easy for your office blinds, shades, and other types of window treatments to be overlooked when it comes to cleaning. So, after this deep cleaning, getting on a regular maintenance schedule will keep them looking and functioning their best. But first up, here’s how to clean them:

If it’s been a while since your window treatments were cleaned, they’ve likely accumulated plenty of dust and other grime. If the dust is thick, you may want to consider using a vacuum with a brush head attachment to remove the top layers before diving in with a rag. After you’ve vacuumed (or if you’ve opted out of vacuuming), use a moist, knobby rag, wipe each slat or shade surface clean.

The higher parts of your windows are most often neglected. But getting up there to clean them can significantly reduce the amount of dust and other allergens that can cause health problems within your office staff. So, grab a step ladder or stool so you can reach these higher areas.

If your blinds or other window treatments are made of wood, it’s important to remember that this material is a bit more delicate. Make sure the cloth you’re using isn’t too wet and support both sides of the slats as you clean them, so they do not bend too far and snap. Use a dry cloth immediately after to ensure the wood bits don’t stay wet for too long. You can use a wood polish solution instead of water if you prefer.

If your window treatments are fabric drapes, you can take them off and machine wash or have them professionally dry cleaned to remove dust and stains.

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The best and most efficient way to keep your entire workspace clean, including your office window treatments, is to hire a professional cleaning crew to come and clean your facility. The team at Town & Country Office Cleaning can provide any special sanitizing needs, cleaning processes and procedures, and legal requirements for a clean and presentable workspace.

Our skilled and trusted team is licensed, bonded, and equipped to handle the cleaning needs of your workspace. We proudly provide a comprehensive and complete range of janitorial services and office cleaning, including cleaning windows, blinds, restrooms, offices, break rooms, reception areas, and more. We can even clean your medical and dental facilities. If your business or office space is in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, contact our experienced and efficient team at Town & Country Office Cleaning today.

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