How to Clean Your Cubicle Walls and Panels

You know how to clean your office’s restroom, break room, and kitchen, but have you ever thought about how to clean your cubicle walls and panels?

A clean work environment has been proven to improve productivity and boost morale, and if your workspace utilizes cubicles, cubicles need to be clean, too. Cubicles are an efficient and simple way to maximize your workspace. They accommodate many more workers than a slew of traditional offices and give an open feeling while still being semi-private workstations. But cleaning cubicle walls and panels is much different than cleaning a painted office wall and cannot be simply wiped down with a wet rag.

Continue reading to learn how to clean your cubicle walls and panels below.

Clean Your Cubicle Walls and Panels

The standard cubicle wall is typically constructed of fabric. While this is good for absorbing excess noise, it also attracts and collects dirt, germs, dust, and other particles that can affect your health. Keep the walls and panels of your office cubicles fresh and looking great with the following cleaning steps:

Prepare Your Cubicle Walls — Before you can clean your cubicle walls, you’ll want to declutter the space. Many of these walls become an extension of the desktop work surface and accumulate plenty of clutter. Between hanging file holders, decor, and pinned-up documents, you’ll need to remove all items attached to the walls. Throw away any items you no longer need and set aside the remaining things you need to keep until the cleaning process is complete. You’ll also want to move all furniture away from the walls so you can easily access the entire cubicle wall and every panel.

Vacuum the Wall Surface — The first step is to remove as much dust and other loose particles clinging to the cubicle’s fabric fibers with a vacuum. People suffering from allergies can benefit from regular vacuuming of cubicle walls as it can help reduce bothersome symptoms triggered by allergens found in the fabric.

Pre-Treat Stains — If there are any stains on the walls, pre-treat these areas with a spot cleaner. Make sure to test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area to ensure the fabric isn’t damaged or faded.

Clean the Walls — Make a soapy cleaning solution consisting of one part mild detergent and four parts warm water. Starting from the top panels and working down and using a soft-bristled scrubbing brush, dip your brush into the suds (not the water) and lightly scrub the chuckles panels in small circular motions. To remove the suds, wipe with a clean, wet towel. Let the walls thoroughly dry before replacing items to the walls and returning furniture.

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