How Do You Remove Stains from Office Carpet?

As the holidays approach and gatherings and parties become more frequent, it’s important to know how to remove stains from office carpet.

After everyday use and wear and tear on your office, and after these special get-togethers, you’ll find plenty of stains on your carpet that require spot treatments.

Continue reading to learn how to tackle strains from your office carpet below.

8 Professional Tips to Remove Stains from Office Carpet

The most important rule of spot treating your office carpets is to ensure you use the proper technique to ensure you do not make the stain worse. For most carpets, it’s a good idea to try water first. If the stain is new and has yet to set, sometimes water is all that’s needed. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Begin by vacuuming the stain. You may need to break up the spot before you vacuum if the spot is thick or solid.
  2. Use a clean, white terrycloth rag to blot the stain with a small amount of cold water. You don’t want to use too much liquid! If water alone doesn’t work, you’ll need to move on to the next step.
  3. Grab your favorite carpet spot treatment and thoroughly read the instructions, and follow them step by step. Most spot treatments will tell you to apply the spotter with a clean, white cloth and use blotting motions to remove the stain. You don’t need to over-saturate the spot. Only a small amount of the solution should be required to get the spot out.
  4. Use the cloth to carefully and gently work the solution into the carpet fibers. If you’re dealing with a larger spot, you may require using a carpet brush.
  5. Avoid working from the middle of the stain outwards. You should always start from the outer edges, working your way inwards. This helps avoid spreading the stain to other areas of the carpet.
  6. You may need to repeat this process two to three times.
  7. Depending on the product you’ve selected, you may need to rinse the area to remove the alkalinity of the solution after you’ve spot treated the stain. Make sure to follow the entirety of its directions.
  8. Use a different dry, clean, white cloth to blot the area as dry as possible.
  9. What to Do if the Stain Remover Didn’t Work

    If you find that the stain remover didn’t work, or you haven’t tried it yet and are apprehensive about using a do-it-yourself solution, it may be time to call in the professionals to do the job. A professional carpet cleaner will have years of experience and a better idea of what solution or method works on what kind of stain.

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