How Dirty Carpets Could Be Affecting Your Health

Did you know that dirty carpets could negatively affect the health of you, your employees, and your clients?

Businesses and other organizations can only make progress when they are productive, happy, and healthy. Because of this, the health and safety of your staff should be one of your highest priorities. Unfortunately, most organizations do not consider the thorough cleaning of their carpets to be a necessary step in their office’s maintenance routine — many times, the task of carpet cleaning is given to an employee rather than hiring a professional to do the job.

Many health risks are associated with not properly and regularly cleaning the carpets, especially in commercial office spaces. Find out about four related health issues with carpets that are not kept clean below.

4 Health Problems Associated with Dirty Carpets

  1. Microorganism Contamination — Carpets that are not regularly cleaned are susceptible to mycotoxins and other toxic microorganisms. These dangerous molds and contaminations can penetrate and infect your body by inhaling or through skin contact. Exposure to these harmful microorganisms can weaken the immune system over time, resulting in the affected person being susceptible to various other illnesses. 
  1. Unfortunately, vacuuming contaminated areas can make things worse by flinging them into the air; however, a professional cleaning can rid your carpets of these contaminants.
  2. Respiratory Illness — Dust, mold, dirt, and other particles can get stuck in carpets. Everyday wear on the carpet, such as walking or playing on it, or vacuuming, can release these harmful particles into the air you and your family breathe. The sheer existence of these airborne particles can be the primary cause of respiratory issues. Symptoms are amplified in asthmatic individuals.
  3. Allergies — In most cases, carpets house more allergens and contaminants like pet hair and dust parasites than other flooring materials. These contaminants can present serious health issues among those susceptible to allergies and can trigger respiratory sickness and other irritations, such as coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and more.
  4. Skin Irritations — When you come in contact with a fungi-infected carpet, you can experience severe skin irritation and inflammation. This can include contagious contaminations like eczema, athlete’s foot, and various other types of rashes and skin infections. Thankfully, humidifiers and consistent carpet cleanings can help protect sensitive skin.

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Does your workspace have dirty carpets? The experts at Town & Country Office Cleaning can help! When rugs and carpets are not regularly or adequately cleaned, they can become a health hazard to you, your employees, and your clients. Thankfully, you can keep your staff and customers healthy with professional carpet cleaning. 

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