Holiday Office-Cleaning Tips

Holiday Office Party

Holiday office cleaning is an important consideration for business owners. Traffic through the office can ramp up significantly, as vendors and customers alike stop by to wish you good cheer or drop off a fruit basket. You will make a great impression by taking a little time to make your facility shine. If you plan to host an open house or holiday party, here are some tips for getting ready and for handling the cleanup afterward.

Spiff Up the Office for Holiday Visitors

In preparation for holiday visitors, concentrate on making your business’s entrance and lobby areas sparkle. Give the windows a good shine, especially if you plan to put up decorations. Give your doormats and reception-area floors a good cleaning too, as these make a great first impression. This is a perfect time to clean the framed art, certificates and plaques that hang in your lobby, as these build up dust over time. Toss the old magazines and vacuum waiting-room furniture. Don’t forget to polish up the front desk and remove any accumulated clutter. Any holiday decorations you add will look even better when they don’t have to compete with a mess.

Before the Holiday Party or Open House

If you plan to host an open house or holiday party for your employees or customers, a little preparation will help make the cleanup a snap. Have lots of garbage cans (with liners, of course) positioned throughout the office. Include color-coded or clearly marked recycle bins as well, saving you the time of sorting trash later. This will prevent guests from leaving their service items on desks and leaving rings on the furniture. Ensure that your restrooms are well stocked with tissue paper and paper towels ahead of time. Ask for volunteers to help patrol the office during the party to keep the mess in check as the event progresses. Use disposable containers for food and drink, so that everything can be thrown away or recycled at the end of the event. Predetermine a time for the party to end and put your cleanup team into action about 15 minutes prior. This will send a subtle signal to guests that it’s time to go.

After the Festivities are Over

Although the party is lots of fun, no one ever wants to be saddled with the aftermath. Decide in advance who will be responsible for which cleanup tasks, otherwise you’ll be stuck doing everything. Put someone on spill-cleanup duty, to mitigate any potential damage to furniture and flooring. Have plenty of trash bags and cleaning supplies at the ready, so the process can go quickly and easily. Have disposable containers and food-storage bags ready also, so that any leftovers can be put in the fridge for later. Wipe down all surfaces and remove trash bags from the office, lest anything start to smell, and spray room deodorizer throughout the office. When you return, you’ll be greeted by a clean, fresh facility.

If you don’t want to subject yourself and your staff to the holiday party’s aftermath, consider having a janitorial service in to clean up after your event. Town & Country Office Cleaning specializes in pre-party cleaning and event cleanup. Call them today for your own customized holiday office-cleaning tips.

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