When To Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Although hand sanitizer is arguably one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of disease, some pundits have asserted that it may actually be dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control disagrees, however, stating that hand-sanitizing systems are an excellent alternative to soap and water for killing germs and stopping the spread of disease. The type of hand-sanitizing system you select for your business can determine its level of effectiveness.

Read on for some important facts about hand washing and sanitizing.

What Type of Hand Sanitizer Works Best?

The CDC strongly recommends a gel-based hand sanitizer containing an alcohol concentration of 60-95 percent. This is the key to effectiveness, but it also relates to a growing fear, i.e., that germs become resistant. But germs will not develop a resistance if the sanitizing agent has a high enough alcohol content. Non-alcohol-based sanitizers do not kill all types of germs, they merely reduce the growth of some strains. This type of sanitizer is also more likely to irritate the skin than the alcohol-based type.

Alternatives to Hand Sanitizer

The only known alternative to hand sanitizer is good old-fashioned soap and water. Soap and water are highly effective at killing germs, but only when used properly. Certainly everyone must wash hands with soap and water after visiting the restroom, handling raw meat or changing a diaper. But unless you plan to install hand-washing sinks throughout your office or facility, soap and water simply aren’t always available or convenient throughout the work day. Antibacterial and sanitizing hand wipes are another alternative, and these are great for people on the go. They aren’t generally cost-effective in the business setting, however, as they must be individually packaged to retain their effectiveness.

How to Select a Hand-Sanitizing System for Your Business

Both the CDC and the Mayo Clinic stress that hand sanitizer is only effective when you use enough to wet your hands completely. For this reason, commercial sanitizer dispensing systems are critical. These systems dispense the appropriate amount each time, and make the perfect location for hanging “clean hands” posters. Hung in high-traffic areas at eye level, dispensers are shown to be an effective reminder to employees, prompting them to sanitize much more frequently than any other approach. Finally, dispenser systems are much less expensive than purchasing individual plastic pumps designed for home use.

Town and Country Office Cleaning understands how important clean hands are for keeping your employees safe and healthy all year long, but especially during cold and flu season. That’s why they offer free hand sanitizing dispensers for the workplace. Ask today about adding a commercial hand-sanitizing system in your facility.

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