Glass Cleaning and Stain Removal

Commercial Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaning challenges are common in commercial and office facilities, thanks to heavy use and exposure to the elements. Fingerprints, mineral deposits and water stains can be troublesome, but the residue left behind by tape, stickers or labels can also pose a difficult problem. Routine maintenance and the right approach to periodic cleaning can help avoid buildup and keep your glass surfaces sparkling.

Removing Mineral and Hard Water Stains

The high mineral content of many municipal water sources can result in cloudy glass surfaces and stains that seem impervious to all attempts at cleaning. Calcium and magnesium are the primary culprits, leaving behind what is commonly called lime scale. These minerals react with soap and other cleaning agents, exacerbating this cleaning challenge. One easy and cost-effective approach to removing soap scum and mineral buildup is newspaper. Crumple a sheet of newspaper and rub it briskly over the dry surface to help break down the scale. Dampen a second sheet of newspaper with hot water and repeat. If the buildup persists, dampen a fresh sheet of newspaper with white vinegar instead of water. Finish with a spritz of commercial window cleaner and buff dry with a microfiber cloth. This approach will also work for most other organic stains or residue.

Removing Sticky Labels from Glass

Removing sticky residue on glass surfaces poses an added challenge because it’s difficult to soak large or vertical glass surfaces. Scraping with a razor blade is typically not recommended, as this can leave behind permanent scratches, but caustic solvents pose a health and breathing hazard. Oil-based products are typically most effective for this purpose. Remove as much of the label’s outer surface as possible by hand, then spray the remaining residue with non-stick cooking spray. Allow it to soak for a few minutes, then use fingers or a dry sponge to remove the glue’s residue. If an oil-based product is not available, you can also try rubbing alcohol or a citrus-based air freshener spritz. Follow up with soap and water, then window cleaner to remove any oily residue left behind.

Maintaining Commercial Glass Surfaces

The most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning agent for glass surfaces is a mixture of one part white vinegar with two parts distilled water. This solution is also cost effective. Avoid using any cleaning product that contains abrasives or oils, including citrus cleaners. Use newspaper or a microfiber cloth for a streak- and lint-free finish. A little-known trick for preventing fingerprints is to apply a rain repellant product designed for auto glass. This is a cost-effective alternative to expensive glass sealer products.

Keeping glass surfaces clean and free of stains is critical for maintaining a professional appearance in your office or facility. Town and Country Office Cleaning provides both standard and specialized commercial cleaning services. Their trained professional staff, using proven, environmentally friendly products and cleaning methods, can assist with glass cleaning, stain removal and all the janitorial services your company needs.

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