Is Your Facility Due for a Commercial Wall Washing Service?

Wall Cleaning

Commercial wall washing is not just a good idea, it’s a necessary service for most companies. Surprisingly, many business owners aren’t aware of its importance. Periodic cleaning of your facility’s walls and ceilings not only helps maintain a professional appearance, but also provides a healthy environment for employees and clients who visit your building. Read on to learn more about this service.

What Lurks on Your Business’s Walls?

Periodic cleaning of walls and ceilings is important for many reasons, but one in particular may surprise you: Not only will wall cleaning reduce your need for maintenance, but it can improve the health and sanitation in your facility significantly as well. Fatty and amino acids from body oils and environmental pollutants such as smoke permeate indoor air. These oils and pollutants act like magnets, collecting microscopic particles of soil, dust, bacteria, fungi and dead microorganisms. Over time, this distasteful mélange builds up on the walls as a sticky film. This coating, impervious to normal cleaning efforts, accelerates the soiling process and makes your walls dingy and unhealthy. It also affects the paint, requiring more frequent wall repair and resurfacing.

Health Benefits of Wall Cleaning

The health benefits of regular commercial wall cleaning are significant. Oily buildup harbors microorganisms that thrive on the walls’ surface, degrading indoor air quality and causing unpleasant or musty odors as well as illness. Mold and mildew spores must be removed and not just masked. Cleaning the walls helps to sanitize them, remove odors and make your office brighter and happier.

Wall Cleaning Basics

Cleaning the walls in your facility is a significant challenge, typically more than you can handle in-house. Commercial wall cleaning uses special equipment and techniques, requiring specific training and experience. For that reason, most business owners choose to leave wall cleaning to the professionals. Your commercial cleaning service can thoroughly clean interior walls throughout your building or facility. Experts recommend a professional wall cleaning at least once each year, or more frequently if your company experiences a high level of buildup. Also, if you plan to paint interior walls, a professional cleaning will help the paint stick more effectively to the walls.

Hiring a professional janitorial service for wall cleaning will lessen the disruptions to your business productivity and process flow, as the work can be completed over the weekend or another convenient time when your business is closed. If it’s been a while since you had your office walls cleaned, contact Town and Country Office Cleaning today. They can evaluate your facility and determine if your company might benefit from a commercial wall washing service in the near future.

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Managing an office is no easy task, and you deserve a top-quality commercial cleaning service. The professionals at Town & Country thorough and efficient, and we proudly embrace the green movement in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Like our cleaning crews, each of our products is of the highest caliber, and we offer eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions. Keeping our customers healthy means a job well done. For all your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs, only the best will do — Town & Country. Contact us today to learn more.

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