Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning for the Office

Business owners and managers have their own areas of expertise, and knowing all things about office carpet cleaning should not have to be one of them. Still it will assist you in making informed decisions about your office maintenance and care if you understand a few basic facts about the difference between dry carpet cleaning methods versus those that use the so-called steam cleaning approach. Although the exact methods and products used to clean carpets varies literally from one cleaning service to another, knowing the basics will make you a more informed customer.

Steam vs. Dry Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

You may have seen branded vans or ads for dry chemical carpet cleaning service. The basic theory of this approach is that using a carbonated solution or dirt encapsulation product in the cleaning process reduces the amount of water required to extract dirt. Despite the name however, this process does still require water. Many dry chemical carpet cleaners claim that they do not use “harsh chemicals,” but the process does typically use solvents and detergents which may contain polymers. The powdered encapsulation products used may affect air quality and some consumers report that white powder residue remains or returns after cleaning if too much is used or if it was not thoroughly extracted.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning does not actually use steam as such to extract dirt, but rather pressurized, temperature-regulated hot water. Detergents may be used on heavily soiled carpet or spots, but this may not be necessary if you have office carpeting cleaned regularly. Professional steam cleaning machines are truck-mounted, providing a more effective level of temperature, pressure, and extraction, which may shorten drying time. This method is more effective for killing bacteria, removing dust mites, and mitigating odors in carpeting.

Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Method for Your Business

Steam cleaning opponents reference the longer drying time and the potential for mold to develop during the period that the carpet is wet.

Statistics do seem to indicate that steam cleaning is more effective than the dry chemical approach, and generally fewer harsh carpet cleaning chemicals are employed in the hot water extraction method.

Steam cleaning machines rented from the hardware store are not effective and should not be used to clean your office carpet. DIY office carpet cleaning may damage your flooring, result in dangerous mold, or even downtime for your business.

Contact a qualified office cleaning company in your area and ask which approach is best for your unique needs.

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