Daytime vs Nighttime Office Cleaning

Daytime vs Nighttime Office Cleaning

Modern day office cleaning and janitorial services evolved from a young man’s entrepreneurial endeavors, offering cleaning services to local businesses after school and at night. The industry evolved around this model because it made sense. Recently however, this paradigm has shifted. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both day and evening business cleaning models.

Benefits of Overnight Office Cleaning

Having an office or commercial facility cleaned outside of normal business is less disruptive to the company’s employees and allows cleaning personnel to conduct their work without having to vacuum around everyone’s feet. You want your customers to enjoy a clean, professional-looking office, but you don’t particularly want them tripping over the cleaning service personnel either. Your employees experience no downtime as a result of after-hours cleaning activities and won’t risk accidents, such as slipping on a wet floor. After-hours cleaning generally costs less because cleaning personnel can work undistracted and finish their work quickly.

Benefits of Daytime Office Cleaning

Daytime cleaning can save your business money on energy costs, such as lights, because such items are all already in use. Cleaning services may charge less for daytime services, because they don’t have to pay their workers second- or third-shift premiums. Some experts suggest that the quality of daytime cleaning services is superior, based on the current labor market and a growing unwillingness of good employees to work alternative hours. Having your employees present during cleaning activities may actually increase the quality of service and decrease the possibility of having things misplaced.

Determining the Right Cleaning Schedule for Your Company

Whether daytime or off-hours cleaning services are right for you depends on several factors. If you have heavy customer traffic through your facility, daytime services may be a significant distraction or even a danger. Weigh any cost differential between day and evening cleaning services versus energy usage and cost. If your needs are minimal however, cleaning can take place early or late in the work day with few distractions. A third option gaining momentum in the janitorial world is a hybrid of daytime and nighttime services. This option works especially well for larger companies but can potentially work for a variety of operational configurations. Talk with your professional cleaning services company to see if a change in schedule may be beneficial to your business.

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