A Comparison of Custodial and Janitorial Services

Janitorial Service

Janitorial services differ significantly from those provided by a custodian, even though many customers use the terms interchangeably. When contracting for building services, it is important to understand the differences. Although both a janitor and a custodian may share some of the same duties, their jobs also encompass some significant differences. Industry experts recommend determining the specific needs of your business with regard to maintenance and cleaning before hiring. This will help you develop a scope of work and identify which type of service will most accurately meet your needs.

What a Custodian Does

The term custodian may call to mind images of your kindly, grizzled grade-school janitor, who may have been called the school custodian. Technically, a custodian is someone who looks after the welfare of a person or property. Custodial services might include building repair and maintenance as well as some cleaning services. Today, you may know this person as a property manager or handyman. The custodian’s scope of work might include changing light bulbs, fixing broken plumbing or refreshing the building’s paint job. In some cases, a custodian may even live on-site. Companies that utilize custodial services generally have the custodian on the payroll as a full- or part-time employee. A custodian usually works for only one company at any given time.

What a Janitor Does

In some cases, the job of a janitor may overlap with that of a custodian in terms of light maintenance tasks. Unlike a custodian, however, a janitor is primarily concerned with cleaning, removing trash and facility upkeep. Janitorial services don’t typically provide much in the way of repair services, although some maintenance tasks may be included. Whereas a custodian remains on site, sometimes day and night, a janitor may come on duty after office staff has gone home for the day. Janitorial service may also refer to the team that handles the nitty-gritty cleaning tasks in an industrial facility, including restrooms and production or warehouse facilities. Janitors may be dedicated to one large employer or, in the case of a commercial janitorial service, they may work for multiple companies as a contractor.

Identifying the Services Your Business Needs

If you are in the process of identifying your company’s needs for maintenance and cleaning services, it may be helpful to understand that you have another option: a commercial cleaning service. Today, many businesses engage the services of a facilities manager and staff to handle the day-to-day maintenance tasks and a commercial cleaning company to keep the facility clean and sanitary. Although the idea of having a jack-of-all-trades may sound appealing, today’s business climate calls for specialization and expertise.

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