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Commercial wood floor care has become a topic of great interest to many business owners and managers today. Solid, engineered and laminated floors are exceptionally popular in new commercial construction and remodeling, thanks to wood’s elegant appearance and durability. Many companies have opened offices in historic buildings as well, where original hardwood floors can present a challenge for maintenance and cleaning.

Below is some basic information to help you care for the wood flooring surfaces in your office.

Types of Commercial Hardwood Flooring

Historic buildings often feature true hardwood floors. These were built from solid strips of actual wood, rather than the layered products used most often today. Solid plank flooring may or may not have a protective polyurethane coating, an important determinant in its care. Modern flooring products, depending on the type and style, are comprised of layers of varying materials. The layers of engineered floors may be all wood or alternated with synthetic layers, finished with a thin covering of high quality wood on top. For example, only the top layer of a maple-engineered floor is actually the maple species. Laminated flooring contains no actual wood. Laminate is made by covering a dense fiberboard core with a durable printed image of wood. Both solid and engineered floors can be refinished or repaired, however you cannot sand or refinish most laminated surfaces.

Hardwood Floor Care Maintenance

How you care for your floors will vary, depending on the type of product and finish. Laminate is more durable and tolerates moisture much better than solid or engineered floors. Clean laminate by simply sweeping and then damp mopping with a product specifically designed for this surface. Engineered and solid floors can be cleaned the same way, assuming they have been properly sealed. If you aren’t sure, sprinkle a few drops of water in an unobtrusive location. The water should bead up and wipe away completely. If it appears to soak into the wood, your floors are probably not sealed. In that case, dry mop only and use great care to avoid moisture or anything that may stain or damage them.

Deep Cleaning and Polishing Wood Floors

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any floor cleaning and maintenance. Unless you have the specialized knowledge and equipment, it’s usually best to trust a professional for deep cleaning, stripping or polishing. The professionals at Town & Country Office Cleaning understand the investment you’ve made in your flooring. They also realize the importance of keeping them looking great and prolonging their life. They can also recommend the most efficient schedule of cleaning and wood floor care for your business, as well as products that are safe and effective.

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