Commercial vs. Residential Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies are cleaning supplies, right? Wrong!

Commercial vs. Residential Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning your business, there’s a big difference between commercial or professional cleaning supplies and those approved for use in the home. It may seem like Grand Central Station at your house sometimes, but the amount of dirt and germs in residential settings pales in comparison to those found in most operating businesses. It takes a special type of cleaning product and equipment to provide a truly clean, sanitary commercial environment.

What are Commercial Cleaning Products

Office cleaning supply categories include glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, furniture polish, floor and fabric cleaners, and general, all-purpose cleaning products. Disinfecting products and solvents may be either alkaline or acidic, and many of these products can potentially be toxic. These products may be corrosive and cause chemical burns on skin and lungs. These are also the products that kill germs, cut grease, and otherwise render a truly clean and sanitary office. It’s a delicate balance between safe and effective.

Will Home Cleaning Products Work in the Office?

Because the germs and dirt associated with a commercial operation are super-powered and highly resistant, residential cleaning products will do little to keep your business truly clean. Cleaning products sold for home use must meet specific consumer safety standards and consequently may not be powerful enough to kill germs or clean the types of dirt and grime that quickly build up on a commercial setting.

Green Cleaning Products for Commercial Use

Because commercial cleaning chemicals are potent enough to be effective, they have historically been environmentally unfriendly. As environmental standards have tightened, manufacturers are working diligently to design products that are safer and “greener.” Green commercial cleaners must be easily biodegradable, be minimally toxic in water, concentrated with minimal packaging, and made from renewable resources.

Commercial janitorial service personnel is trained in the chemistry and biology of cleaning, providing an in-depth knowledge of which cleaning products to use and how to use them safely. Professional cleaning services also carry significant legal liability for ensuring the safety of their clients.

For these reasons, many professional and commercial cleaning products are only available for cleaning companies. Don’t take chances with the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Consult with a professional cleaning service to ensure that your office is being cleaned with the safest, most effective chemicals and equipment, and those that will cause the least amount of damage to our environment.

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