Commercial Janitorial Service Security Concerns

Security concerns are one of the most pressing issues for the American business owner or manager today.  Sensitive documents, confidential client records, proprietary technology, expensive equipment… there are dozens of reasons why a business installs good locks, security cameras, and alarm systems. But all across the U.S., business owners are putting their company’s security at risk every night, without even realizing it.

What do you know about who’s cleaning your office?

Many companies occupy office space that includes some level of periodic cleaning services in the lease rate. While this might seem like a cost-saving benefit, it may be putting your company at risk. Commercial property management companies, in an effort to keep costs down, sometimes engage the services of large janitorial companies who outsource the work to third parties.  Workers may not have undergone the proper levels of background checks, and they may not be bonded or insured. These individuals have unfettered access to the offices they clean, and to the sensitive information and equipment those offices contain.

This level of concern increases significantly for the healthcare or medical office, for a variety of confidentiality and other reasons. EPA standards dictate the way that medical waste is handled. Medical grade equipment may require specialized chemicals or cleaning techniques.  There may be federal, state, or local guidelines that govern medical office cleaning in your area, and your cleaning company must meet or exceed those guidelines to remain in compliance.

The safest option for any company is to select a commercial cleaning service that employs its own staff, and that conducts thorough background investigations.  Companies that are licensed, bonded, and insured provide the greatest level of security for their clients. Those cleaning companies with local Better Business Bureau certification and established, certified training programs provide the highest standards of service. Satisfaction guarantees and client references are a must, as is direct experience if your business requires any specialized services. One final way to ensure the responsiveness of your cleaning service company is to request a dedicated account manager. With a single point of contact, any issues or concerns can be quickly and efficiently addressed.

If your office facility already provides janitorial service, it may be well worth your time to do a little investigative work. Request information about the cleaning service and verify the company’s credentials. If they are not up to the safety standards you demand, consider selecting your own janitorial service and request that the property manager’s cleaning company not be granted access to your office.

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