Commercial Floor Care

Commercial floors take a beating. The flooring products used in any commercial or public facility are designed to endure a high level of foot traffic and, with proper care, can last for many years. It is critical however, that floors are maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction and best practices of the commercial cleaning industry.  Unless your facility’s floors are new, you may be unaware of what products or materials were used for your flooring, or what the standard of care is. Commercial cleaning services are your best bet for making sure your business’s floors are properly cared for.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The chances are excellent that the carpeting in your office or facility receives an unequal amount of foot traffic, and there are several high-traffic areas that become soiled more quickly than the rest. If that’s the case, those high-traffic areas will require a more intense level of service when it’s time for carpet cleaning. Most commercial flooring cleaners will also remove spots and offer a preventive sealer for high-traffic areas. Ask the company to recommend a periodic maintenance program for your carpet.

Resilient or Hard-Surface Commercial Floor Cleaning

Although some commercial facilities utilize terrazzo, wood, ceramic, or stone tile surfaces, most commercial hard floor surfaces consist of some variety of composite vinyl or PVC tile, known generally as resilient floor covering products. Because resilient flooring is not used in residential applications, few people understand its proper care and maintenance. This product, softer yet more durable than almost any other type of flooring material, is hypoallergenic, resists scratches and wear, and is slip resistant. Normal cleaning can be accomplished with a basic wet mopping. Periodically however, many resilient floor products must be stripped and re-sealed.

For all other types of commercial flooring, if you are not aware of the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance, a janitorial cleaning contractor is the safest, most cost effective option. A professional cleaning company will generally assume the liability for any damage resulting from the cleaning process, and will guarantee your satisfaction with the work. Do be sure to check first the type of chemicals and equipment a company uses especially if you are green conscious. Finally, ask if there are any specific steps you can take, or products you can use, to better protect the flooring materials. This way, your facility’s floors will look their best and endure for years to come.

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