Commercial Deep Cleaning: Signs You Need It

There are many commercial deep cleaning services out there, and many people are oblivious to why they need this service. 

What is Actually Involved in a Deep Commercial Cleaning? 

Office cleaning is something that business owners often overlook. It might be something that business owners put on the back burner, but it is something that every business owner should have a keen eye on for all sorts of reasons, such as: 

It Prevents Workplace Accidents

Keeping your workplace clean will make the environment safer and prevent on-site accidents. On the other hand, having a messy workspace can lead to unwanted injuries, leading to an even messier situation. 

It Helps Maintain Employment Health, Which Leads to Better Productivity 

Many studies have concluded that a clean working environment leads to happier, more productive employees. So a deep cleaning of your workplace allows you and your employees to be at their best — a cluttered environment equals a cluttered mind, which is not healthy or productive. 

Overall, It Provides a Higher-Quality Workspace 

It is easy to tell how often a building is cleaned the second you walk into it. Having a clean office environment will show your employees that you value their time and show customers, vendors, and other outside people who are lucky enough to come into your place of business that you value your space and like to keep it clean. 

Is There a Difference Between Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning? 

Deep cleaning an office will involve more time and attention to small details, whereas regular cleaning will be more basic and not super detailed. 

Deep cleaning tasks usually include: 

  • Cleaning the back of your office appliances and electronics. 
  • Sanitization of keyboards, monitors, and desks. 
  • Power washing the exterior walls of your building. 
  • Extra attention to the cleanliness of light fixtures and switches. 
  • Disinfecting break rooms and kitchens. 
  • Using a high-tech HEPA filter vacuum for extreme carpet cleaning. 

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Work Environment? 

Based on the nature of the cleaning tasks involved, deep cleaning is typically performed less frequently than regular day-to-day or weekly cleaning. It is most often something that is done once a month or every other month. 

What type of commercial properties should use professional cleaning services? 

  • Hotels. 
  • Businesses. 
  • Storage warehouse. 
  • Industrial buildings. 
  • Multi-family tenant homes. 
  • Shopping malls. 
  • Restaurants. 
  • Healthcare facilities. 
  • Public gyms. 

What Does a Deep Cleaning Checklist Look Like? 

Whether you are performing the deep cleaning by yourself or hiring a professional, there are several things you should have on a checklist to ensure your property is actually getting a deep cleaning. Check to see if the cleaners are:

  • Cleaning all glass surfaces: desks, coffee tables, office chairs, and indoor and outdoor windows. 
  • Using approved cleaning detergents to mop floors. 
  • Dusting the window blinds. 
  • Dusting and wiping art and other wall hanging. 
  • Washing out and disinfecting any sinks in the building. 
  • Emptying and relining wastebaskets (cleaning the inside if needed). 
  • Removing any cobwebs from corners, ceilings, and any other surfaces. 
  • Clean the front and back of all office appliances. 
  • Fully clean all restrooms, including toilets, sinks, and door handles. 
  • Wiping down office partitions, dispensers, doors, and stair rails. 

Fun fact: germs can’t spread when an office is kept clean — this reduces the possibility of employees getting sick, which decreases the number of sick days needed to be taken by your employees. Disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces, such as desks, door knobs, tables, and light switches, can help stop the spread of germs. In addition, deep cleaning can help eliminate the passing of germs in an office environment. 

Also, reducing bacteria, germs, and viruses in an environment will boost good health and keep your employees from needing to visit a medical professional. 

How to Choose a Company to Meet All Your Deep Cleaning Needs

Define your needs – Have a realistic plan for your cleaning needs. Can you do the cleaning yourself, or do you require the services from a professional commercial cleaning service? When you clarify your needs, finding the right cleaning solution becomes easier. 

Choose the cleaning frequency – How often should you deep clean your environment? Your deep cleaning frequency should be based on the size of the property that needs to be cleaned. It should also be determined by how often you regularly clean the area. You should also be mindful of what hours you want your office cleaned and if your chosen company can accommodate that. 

Ask for recommendations – Recommendations can come from anywhere and anyone. Ask your friends, family members, other business owners, and articles found online. Find out what they are doing to keep their property in tip-top shape; this will give you better insight into what, when, and who should deep clean your environment. 

Track records and reviews – When you do choose a commercial cleaning company, it is a good idea to check out other customer reviews on their site. This will give you a better idea of what kind of track record they have. Good or bad, you’ll want to know. 

You should get a good idea of what kind of work they have done for past customers. If they have an excellent track record, you will be confident that they are the company to deep clean your property. Word of mouth is a big deal. If they have reviews that are not so complimentary, people will ensure that it is known. 

Customer satisfaction guarantee – Not only do you want a guarantee that the work will be quality, but you’ll want to have a guarantee that none of your equipment will be damaged during the process. 

Not to worry, Town & Country can provide you with all your deep commercial cleaning services. We are here to make your office environment (or any environment) a clean and healthy place for anyone who enters to be in. Contact us today and find out about our Salt Lake City services. 

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