Commercial Cleaning Service in Its Greenest

Green rules! Green covers around a quarter of the entire world. Green is associated with cleanliness. And by that, it means green overtakes the role of blue (water) particularly in bringing commercial cleaning service to the next level.

Nowadays, a green campaign has been pursued among the cleaning companies in the country. They inculcate through their cleaning services the use of green cleaning. First, we should know what this really means. Green cleaning is exercising cleanliness without harming the environment as well as the people surrounding it. These are the methods of cleaning that challenge industries in manufacturing cleaning products.

Traditional cleaners contain hazardous chemicals which can cause severe damages to the Earth and long term environmental consequences. Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs are examples. CFCs are a group of compounds which include the elements chlorine, fluorine and carbon. The properties of CFCs are useful but only to some degree. These are used for various commercial purposes, such as a propellant in aerosol sprays, in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, in foams, in cleaning solvents and in electrical components. Problems arise, however, from prolonged exposure to these chemicals including asthma, kidney malfunction, and skin irritation.

With these troubles in hand, cleaning companies thought of a remarkable solution.  They provide an innovative and environmentally conscious cleaning system program lessening the spread of infection while ensuring the well-being and safety of their customers through the use of green cleaning.

Cleaning companies have guaranteed their clients of their strict ordinance to green cleaning. Cleaning service in Salt Lake City, for example, checks their equipment to make sure they meet the standards for health safety and effectiveness. On the other hand, some cleaning services are only following a few aspects of a true green program.

In order to achieve this, cleaning companies should do/have the following:


1. Use biodegradable, non- toxic cleaning solutions certified by Green Seal to be free from hazardous products causing health problems.

2.  Water used during pressure washing should be recycled then disposed of properly (not in oceans or any bodies of water).

3.  Clean all corners of the room from the sills, frames, and windows to the chandeliers, mirrors and doors.

4. Use equipment such as vacuums that are health- registered to improve indoor air quality.

5. Green cleaning service’s staffs is skilled and experienced following the prescribed cleaning protocol not only in their duties, but also in their homes.

6. Keep updates on the latest science and technology so that your service can always offer the most effective cleaning procedures available.

The above set of rules is just an example of what a green cleaning service could be, though cleaning companies can add more to them. Take for example; the cleaning service in Salt Lake City utilizes homemade alternatives for cleaning, such as cornstarch for polishing furniture.

Adopting green cleaning procedures is a good habit for cleaning companies. It becomes their share of environmental responsibility.

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