Best Commercial Cleaning Practices for Break Room Sanitation

Break Room Sanitation

In the world of commercial cleaning, sanitation is the key to a healthy workplace. Of particular concern are restrooms, kitchens and break rooms. These key areas require an extra level of attention to control germs, pests and other significant health hazards. Following are just some of the ways a commercial cleaning service can help ensure that your break room is clean, healthy and pest-free.

Workplace Sanitation Best Practices

Good sanitation is the cornerstone of germ and pest management. It limits the resources available for pests, bacteria and viruses to set up shop and reproduce. Your employees may clean up after themselves and dispose of their trash, at least most of the time, but effective sanitation practices require that you go above and beyond the normal. Insects and rodents need very little food to survive and reproduce, and bacteria can thrive on virtually any surface. This means that commercial cleaning services have to have very high standards for sanitation.

Areas of Particular Concern

Effective sanitation practices include thorough cleaning and sterilization of food prep areas, with special attention paid to any area that may be out of sight or hard to reach. Trash control is also important, as is storing food products in tightly sealed containers. Cardboard and other clutter must be eliminated. Proper equipment cleaning and maintenance, including floor drains and vents, is also a must. Water leaks must be promptly repaired, as pests and mold spores seek out moisture. Standing water is a no-no in any circumstance, but especially in kitchens and break rooms. Gaps and holes also must be sealed tightly.

Recommendations for a Sanitary Break Room

Your commercial cleaning service can make recommendations to help reduce health risks in your facility. They can monitor these critical areas and report any sign of pest infestation or mold growth. Your janitorial service may recommend that heavy equipment be placed on rollers, so that it can be moved for proper cleaning. They can also alert you to any cracked floors or walls that could harbor germs or provide a way for pests to get in. A good commercial cleaner will also help you introduce effective trash management practices in your facility.

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