Commercial Cleaning as a Business Marketing Tool

Business owners are always on the lookout for new and creative marketing tools. You know your company prides itself on attention to detail, a high level of quality, and the utmost in professionalism. So, how do you most effectively communicate this to your customers when they visit your office?

Branding for business is the marketing world’s favorite “buzz phrase” today. Everything from your logo to your employees’ work habits contributes to your company’s brand. You spend valuable resources designing your company’s logo and marketing materials, building your website, training your employees… all to better communicate to the marketplace why your company is worthy of the consumer’s trust.

But, have you considered how your office or facility contributes to your brand?

You wouldn’t show up to pitch a potential customer in a rumpled, stained shirt, would you? Or let a dirty, smelly employee interact with customers? Of course not; that’s not the image of your company that you want to convey.

Commercial Cleaning as a Business Marketing Tool

So why would you let your office convey a message about your business that is any less professional? Psychologists tell us that people form judgments in the first 10 to 15 seconds, and those perceptions are highly likely to stick. If a potential customer walks in your door and sees dirty windows, grungy carpet, or smells a peculiar odor, how likely will they be to give their business to you?

Business owners and managers have a lot going on, and it’s easy to overlook the mess that accumulates in an office over time. Step back today and take a hard look at your office, just as one of your potential clients might. If what you see is not in clear alignment with what you want your brand to convey about your company, it is probably time to address the problem.

Eliciting the help of a professional office cleaning company can be just the boost your brand needs.

And there’s an added bonus to hiring a local cleaning company to provide janitorial services for your business. Organizational research shows us that employees are markedly more productive and happier in a clean workplace than those who work in a dirty or cluttered office. Potential clients may not always consciously register how dedicated your employees are, or how much they enjoy their work, but the environment in your office will make a strong impression nonetheless… good or bad.

And don’t you want that impression to be a positive one?

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