Cleaning Tips for Your Office Bathroom

Keeping your office bathroom in tip-top condition is essential to an efficient workplace, especially if you have a lot of employees!

The state of your bathroom tells clients, visitors, and employees a lot about your office. When the restroom in a workplace is unkempt, negative opinions of the entire establishment can form. People will even make mental notes to not visit that place again — just because of a stinky, disgusting bathroom experience. One of the last things you want is for your team, customers, and those visiting to feel the way about your office. So, what’s the best way to keep your facilities clean and fresh?

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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Office Bathroom

Keep up your office’s reputation and get rid of the nasty germs in your office bathroom with these commercial cleaning tips:

  1. Create and Stick to a Schedule — With all that takes place in an office, it’s easy to forget when the last time your workplace’s restroom was cleaned. Having a schedule will help you remember to clean it and keep up and maintain your office facilities. Office washrooms require cleaning several times each week unless you have many employees, clients, and visitors. If that’s the case, you may need to clean your bathrooms daily.
  2. Gather the Supplies You’ll Need — Cleaning a bathroom requires plenty of cleaning and janitorial supplies. Here’s a list of just some of the essentials to have on hand:
  • Glass cleaner
  • Disinfectants and antibacterial cleaners 
  • Color-coded cleaning cloths (to avoid cross-contamination)
  • Toilet bowl cleaner and brush
  • Vacuum, broom, and mop
  1. Cleaning Toilets — There are undoubtedly countless methods to clean a toilet, but we’d like to offer a few tips from our team of professionals. First, add toilet bowl cleaner all over the toilet bowl and aggressively scrub with a brush, ensuring you get every interior surface. Let that sit for a couple of minutes, flush, and repeat if necessary. Do not leave any solution in the bowl overnight since this can lead to rings. Second, spray the outside of the toilet with a disinfectant and wipe it down, including its base and bolts. Use a pumice stone to remove any hard water stains in the bowl.
  2. Cleaning Sinks — Get your sink shiny bright, and debris-free by removing hard water stains with lemon or a store-bought solution. Use your favorite products to clean the basin of any stains and debris. Products with a clean scent but aren’t too harsh are best — you want your bathrooms to smell clean without burning anyone’s nostrils.
  3. Cleaning the Floor — An area that is often overlooked when cleaning office bathrooms is the floor. Don’t let this be your workplace! Your goal should be a clean looking and feeling floor, meaning free of debris and not sticky. Most workplace facilities have tile or laminate flooring, so using solutions compatible with that material is essential. Only use as much product as necessary since an excess can leave a residue and make your floors dirtier faster.

Keep Your Office Bathroom Clean with Town & Country Office Cleaning

Implementing the tips above will help you develop an effective and efficient office bathroom cleaning strategy.

Keeping your Salt Lake City, Utah, office bathroom clean takes plenty of time and effort that you may not have. Thankfully, the experienced staff at Town & Country Office Cleaning can help! Whether your office requires daily, weekly, or monthly services, our trusted professionals are here for you. Our skilled and knowledgeable team offer businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area janitorial, commercial, office, and medical facility cleaning services. Contact Town & Country Office Cleaning today and let us do the dirty work for you!

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