Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Your Workspace

The safety of your employees and customers are high on your priority list, so cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your workspace is essential.

Many businesses, especially during this time, are making cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting their office a priority. Shared workspaces, open floor plans and layouts, and common areas, like break rooms and kitchens, present all too many chances for disease transmission. To make matters worse, there seems to be much confusion regarding the differences between the three essential cleaning methods. These words may be synonymous and used interchangeably to some; however, they are completely different in meaning, process, and result to the commercial cleaning professionals.

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The Differences Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Again, these words might mean the same thing as each other to some and may be used in place of one another. These words are actually quite different from the last and vary in meaning, method, and outcome. Understanding how one differs from the next is critical because it can help you identify which services you want and expect from your commercial cleaning provider. Here are the differences:

CLEANING — Cleaning is the removal of a visible mess, like dust or trash, from surfaces and is usually done manually or mechanically with the use of water, detergents, and other products. Cleaning includes jobs like sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, removing garbage, decluttering, and more. Before sanitizing or disinfecting can occur, cleaning must take place. 

SANITIZING — To sanitize means to reduce the bacteria on surfaces to a healthy, acceptable level, according to regulatory requirements for food preparation or contact surfaces. Overall, it is less effective against viruses, bacteria, and other microbes than disinfecting. Not all sanitizers can effectively kill infectious agents because the application of chemicals as a sanitizer is based on the product’s ability to destroy these contaminants. 

DISINFECTING — Disinfecting is described as cleaning something using chemicals to kill viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. For the health and safety of you and others, it’s important to disinfect high-traffic areas and regularly touched items, such as countertops, refrigerator handles, doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, and more. Disinfecting can be done both manually or using an electrostatic sprayer to kill infectious agents in hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting in Your Office

During this time, standard janitorial cleaning services may not be enough to keep you, your staff, and clients and customers healthy in your workspace. Finding a reliable and trustworthy professional office cleaner that understands the importance of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is essential.

Contact Town & Country Office Cleaning for Your Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Needs

Over the last year, the way people view cleanliness has drastically changed, and understanding the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting has never been more critical.

Thankfully, the knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Town & Country Office Cleaning understand and can help you achieve your goals for your Salt Lake City office’s cleanliness. We are dedicated to using quality products and providing even higher quality service using effective and efficient processes. Our methods will leave your office sparkling clean and free of germs. Contact the experts at Town & Country Office Cleaning to learn more.

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Managing an office is no easy task, and you deserve a top-quality commercial cleaning service. The professionals at Town & Country thorough and efficient, and we proudly embrace the green movement in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Like our cleaning crews, each of our products is of the highest caliber, and we offer eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions. Keeping our customers healthy means a job well done. For all your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs, only the best will do — Town & Country. Contact us today to learn more.

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