Cleaning Office Window Coverings

Cleaning Office Window Coverings

Whether in the home or the office, window coverings are one of those items that we tend to overlook when it’s time for cleaning. Consequently, they can become a significant cleaning problem if let go long enough, not only looking bad but spreading dust and germs throughout the office each time they are opened or closed.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get those blinds looking shiny and new.

Window Blind Maintenance and Deep Cleaning

Window blinds look their best when dusted or vacuumed weekly, but never less than monthly. Use a vacuum cleaner wand with a soft brush attachment. Close the blinds and carefully vacuum each slat, working from left to right, starting at the top. Reverse the direction of the blind and repeat. Use a damp cloth or paper towel and gently wipe down the valance, then wipe down the pull cord and adjustor wand. When slatted blinds require a deep cleaning, determine whether it’s practical to remove them from the window. (Cleaning steps are the same either way, but it will be easier and less messy if you can remove them.)

Wipe each slat thoroughly with a sponge dipped in liquid dish soap and water. Rinse with a clean sponge and allow to dry. Reverse direction and repeat. You can also try cutting a sponge in half and gluing the pieces to each side of a pair of barbecue tongs. Dip this tool in the soapy water, and use it to clean both sides of the slats at once. If you must clean the blinds while hanging, be sure to put down lots of drop cloths and protect all nearby exposed surfaces.

Shade Maintenance and Deep Cleaning

Clean fabric or vinyl shades weekly just as you did for the vertical blinds, using a vacuum cleaner brush. For deep cleaning, take the shade down and lay it out on a waterproof surface large enough for it to be fully extended. Assuming the shade is washable, wipe down each side thoroughly with a solution of liquid dish soap and water, on a clean, lint-free cloth. Rinse with a damp sponge. Allow to dry, then flip it over and repeat on the other side. For non-washable shades, dip a thick towel in 2:1 mixture of cornmeal and cornstarch and rub in a circular motion. This mixture should loosen and absorb dirt and grime. Wipe away any residue with a clean towel, then vacuum Take this opportunity to untangle any knots in the draw cord also.

If window coverings aren’t part of your regular office cleaning contract, consider adding them. It will extend their life, present a better image to staff and customers, and keep dust and airborne allergens at bay.

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