Cleaning Fingerprints on Tablets and Touch Screens

Cleaning Touch Screen

Fingerprints on tablets and other touch-screen devices is vexing for most businesses today. Everything from smartphones to desktop computers utilize finger-driven interfaces, including printers, copy machines, intercoms and even thermostats. Although many people fall back on saliva and a tissue when things get bad, that approach is neither hygienic nor particularly effective. Read on for some helpful tips for cleaning and maintaining devices of all types.

How to Clean Tablet Screens

Most touch-screen devices are sent from the factory with special coatings designed to make cleaning easy. Unless you clean these surfaces on a daily basis, however, skin oils, dirt and other substances can build up quickly, leaving behind an elusive cleaning challenge. Even regular non-touch monitors somehow build up stubborn messes. To avoid scratches, clear away smudges and fingerprints with a soft microfiber cloth made for this purpose. Use plain water or eyeglass cleaner on a cloth for stubborn spots, but never apply liquids directly to the screen. Never use chemical agents or window cleaners on touch screens either, as these can permanently damage the device.

Regular Touchscreen Maintenance

The most effective way to reduce buildup and make tablets and touch screens easy to clean is with regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend daily cleaning, but if the device is used heavily (or by workers with especially grimy fingers), more frequent attention may be warranted. Establish policies that prohibit employees from eating or drinking while using touch devices. Place screen-cleaning wipes at workstations and near any common equipment such as copiers and printers, and encourage employees to use them frequently. Add hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes at these locations as well, as touch screens shared by multiple employees are a hotbed for spreading germs.

Keeping Your Devices Fingerprint-Free

Most touch-oriented product manufacturers offer protective film that adheres to the touch surface. Screen protectors don’t prevent fingerprints, but they do make them much easier to clean, while protecting the surface from scratches. Unfortunately, film can be hard to apply and expensive to use if you switch it out often. Some tech gurus recommend another approach. Using a soft, clean microfiber cloth, obsessively clean the screen until there is no trace of any smudge left. Dampen a corner of the cloth with automotive windshield rain repellant, then, starting with a corner of the screen, lightly swirl the product across the device. Continue swirling for approximately 30 seconds, until you’re left with a hazy, uniform coating. Buff the coating away completely, and you should be left with a device that repels smudges, and cleans much easier than before. Reapply every few weeks for best results.

The most effective way to keep your touch screens clean is to add their daily cleaning to your commercial cleaning service’s task list. Town & Country Office Cleaning can keep every part of your office or facility sparking clean, free of unsightly smudges and haze. Ask their experienced professionals for more tips for cleaning fingerprints on tablets and touchscreens.

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